These Viral Before-And-Afters Show The Drastic Physical Changes Caused By Birth Control

Don't buy into the lie that birth control can't affect your weight – see the before-and-afters of these women who decided to go on birth control.

By Nicole Dominique1 min read
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Birth control doesn’t just cause mood swingsthe long-term side effects of taking the pill include an increased risk of getting blood clots, heart attacks, stroke, and breast cancer. And while multiple articles claim that birth control doesn’t really affect women’s weight, there are countless stories that suggest otherwise. Hormones are known to control hunger levels which can greatly influence someone’s weight, so why would scientists claim that birth control rarely has an effect on body composition? In fact, most articles blame it on “fluid retention,” an apparent side effect of taking the pill. But thanks to social media platforms like TikTok, women are now sharing their before-and-afters from taking birth control, and their results are stunning.

@baayyylien: "Very over not feeling like myself anymore."

@claudiaaruiz: "Imagine going from 115 to 180 in less than 6 months."

@madison_wehunt: "Never again will I go on birth control."

@voodoo_queen: "Was scared to post this but I wanna make the girls who have it no feel as alone."

@__gigi01__: "Literally the worst decision I’ve ever done to myself."

@cherryzens: "My confidence is disappearing."

@mommadre420: "Please don't get it."

@poutygirlll: "It's not that easy."

Closing Thoughts

These beautiful young women decided to show their before-and-afters to share their experiences with birth control. Videos like the ones in this article inspire women to share their personal stories by using their voices to shed light on birth control’s possible risks. Though anecdotal, this information can help other women make an educated decision before opting for the pill. 

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