These Famous Celebrities Decided To Remove Their Breast Implants

This year, rumors spread that Kim Kardashian removed her alleged BBL. While she hasn’t exactly admitted to altering her famous bum, there are other celebs who have been open about reversing their cosmetic surgeries.

By Nicole Dominique2 min read
breast implant removal

Celebrities aren’t necessarily known for being open about their cosmetic procedures. For a while, even Kylie Jenner denied her (pretty obvious) lip injections, and other stars who were speculated to have gone under the knife have denied it (I’m looking at you, Zac Efron). While plastic surgery is definitely rising in popularity, there have been more women sharing their stories about breast implants and the havoc they've caused in their bodies. Like so many other women who were affected by their implants, these stars also decided to go against the grain by embracing their natural breasts once again.

Yolanda Hadid

The former model and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star decided to go back to her natural chest after she discovered one of her implants was leaking. When a fan asked Yolanda on Twitter about it, she said, "The silicone was from a rupture 10 years ago, tell your friend to research implant disease/Silicone toxicity."

A silicone breast implant has a risk of being ruptured after surgery, and the chances of it happening increase the longer it stays in the body. Unfortunately, these ruptures can be difficult to detect. When a rupture happens, the gel (along with the toxic chemicals) has the possibility of migrating past the scar tissue and moving throughout the body.

Pamela Anderson

The curvaceous Baywatch star removed her implants in 1999. She says her implants didn’t cause her any problems but that getting rid of them is something that she'd been wanting to do for a “long time." Anderson added that she was “very happy” with her decision. 

Victoria Beckham

In 2014, Beckham told Allure that she no longer had her implants. It appears the former Spice Girl didn't like how they looked and even described her previous breasts as “torpedo bazookas.” 

Heidi Montag

Back in 2010 – when The Hills star was only 23 years old – Montag underwent 10 different procedures in a single day, including rhinoplasty, breast implants, a chin reduction, and more. At the time, she told People that she believed she looked better and that she was "way happier." Years later, Montag said that she removed her implants in 2013 since they damaged her breast tissue. "They were so heavy they were falling through the skin," she said. "It was just too heavy for my body, and I was in pain and uncomfortable all the time. I thought, 'What do I need this big of breasts for?'"

Danica Patrick

The former race car driver shared a surprising before-and-after image on her Instagram to show her transformation after removing her implants in early 2022. Patrick got implants in 2014 and experienced a myriad of symptoms ranging from fatigue, weight gain, facial swelling, adrenal fatigue, low estrogen, and more. “I noticed - my face had more color and less dark circles (no food before the second pic), my face started producing oil again, I could take a 30% deeper breath into my chest already, and I had so much energy when I woke up (and surgery was at 230pm),” she wrote on Instagram.

Closing Thoughts

Breast implant awareness has been increasing in recent years, and because of it, more women will be able to make an informed decision before opting for an expensive, risky boob job.

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