There's Some DNA In The Covid Virus That "Matches Sequence Patented By Moderna" 3 Years Before The Pandemic Even Started

By Gina Florio··  2 min read
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In a strange, although not surprising, turn of events, scientists have discovered that part of the coronavirus DNA perfectly matches genetic material owned by the pharmaceutical company Moderna.

It's becoming more and more clear that coronavirus was created in a lab with a very specific purpose, which of course isn't surprising. Scientists who recently studied the virus and its code have found some frighteningly identical connections between coronavirus and the Moderna patent that was issued three years before the pandemic even began.

Part of Covid's Code Is Identical to a Sequence Patented by Moderna

The researchers studying coronavirus found a snippet of code that is identical to part of a gene that Moderna patented in February 2016 as part of their cancer research, more than three years before the pandemic even started. This was discovered in Covid-19's furin cleavage site, which is what makes it unique from other coronaviruses; this site is found on the virus' spoke protein that binds to human cells.

There has already been much debate about the origins of this virus, and the team of researchers who studied the virus suggest that it might have mutated during lab experiments on human cells. But it seems like there's little to no chance that the virus just naturally appeared out of nowhere. The scientists say it's a one in three trillion chance that the Moderna sequence found in Covid-19 came about organically. In other words, this virus was created in a lab.

At this point, we have to ask: will anyone ever be held responsible for intentionally unleashing this virus into the world? And an even scarier question is, will we ever find out exactly why this virus was created and released? It's not hard to see that the coronavirus pandemic was used as a huge power grab for corrupt politicians to gain control over their countries and states, all the while claiming that it was for our "health and safety." This new development should be a huge wakeup call to prove to us that the last two years of our lives were unfairly stolen from us, but we won't hold our breath when it comes to seeing justice served.

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