The Government Is Lying About Covid-19 To Keep The Lockdowns Going

It’s now been six months since the coronavirus pandemic forced the world into lockdown.

By Katarina Bradford4 min read
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During March’s initial outbreak, the world paused, shut its doors, and sought tirelessly to discover the nature of our new invisible enemy. Yet six months later, government guidelines largely remain the same, if not more restricted than the initial outbreak.

Small businesses across the country are forced to shut their doors and are told that refusing to do so would endanger the lives of their community. In California and New York, most public (and private) schools are forced to remain online for the next year. Churches across the country are forbidden to conduct in-person services, a novel regulation since our nation’s founding. 

You would assume that our policymakers’ extension of these draconian measures are justified by precise, compelling data: data that would suggest that the health risk of COVID-19 outweighs the detriments of shutting down our economy, schools, and churches. However, six months later, it has become clear that the COVID-19 data driving our national lockdowns has been manipulated to suit government interests at the expense of the American people. 

Nashville Mayor Covers Up COVID-19 Data

One such example came to light earlier this month when Nashville Mayor John Cooper was accused of fabricating COVID-19 data to cover up the low COVID cases in bars and restaurants. Restaurants are one of the hardest-hit victims of COVID lockdowns. Forced to operate at minimum capacity or to close temporarily on the government’s whim, restaurants are scrambling to pay rent and overhead to keep up with ever-changing government mandates. These mandates, however, are based on the widely-held belief that restaurants facilitate the spread of COVID-19. 

All bars and restaurants throughout the city only accounted for only 22 cases. 

Mayor Cooper’s office implemented restrictions that forced Nashville bars and restaurants to either operate at minimal capacity or to shut their doors altogether. And while the Mayor’s Office purported that bars and restaurants were responsible for over 80% of COVID-19 cases, contact tracing found that construction sites and nursing homes accounted for the majority of Nashville COVID cases, while all bars and restaurants throughout the city accounted for only 22 confirmed cases total.

Rather than lifting regulations on bars and restaurants based on the relevant data, the Mayor’s office’s immediate action was to contrive the best way to cover up the data to continue their regulations over restaurants and bars. Health department official Leslie Waller asked senior adviser Benjamin Eagles, “This isn’t going to be publicly released, right? Just info for Mayor’s Office?” Engles answered, “Correct, not for public consumption.”

As if hiding data from the public isn’t concerning enough, Mayor Cooper’s office goes a step further: They fabricated the data to fit their political agenda. When a reporter asked about the low cases associated with Nashville’s bars and restaurants, Health Official Brian Todd forwarded the reporter’s email to five staff members, asking for advice on how to respond. One official responded, “My two cents: We have certainly refused to give counts per bar because those numbers are low per site. […]We could still release the total though, and then a response to the over 80 could be ‘because that number is increasing all the time and we don’t want to say a specific number.’”

Mayor Cooper’s office not only hid data from the public, but they also fabricated the data.

In short, the Nashville Mayor’s office released the total number of COVID-19 cases, rather than industry-specific cases that show the low numbers associated with bars and restaurants, to continue their regulations on the food industry. Official Steve Glover captured it perfectly when he said, “We raised taxes 34 percent and put hundreds, literally thousands of people out of work that are now worried about losing their homes, their apartments, etc, and we did it on bogus data. That should be illegal!”

The CDC Quietly Dismisses Inflation of COVID-19 Mortality Data

The data manipulation doesn’t stop at the local level. In late August, the CDC quietly updated their COVID-19 data finding that only 6% of all COVID-19 related deaths were caused by COVID alone without any underlying cause or comorbidity. That means that 94% of all COVID deaths recorded on the CDC website involved some other underlying condition, with an average of 2.4 underlying conditions per patient. These included pneumonia, pre-existing respiratory issues, hypertension, or diabetes. This data is significant, indicating COVID-19’s fatality rate is minuscule. 

The CDC updated their data: only 6% of all COVID-19 related deaths were caused by COVID alone.

However, media outlets were quick to dismiss the CDC’s data inflation. Reuters, for example, published a “Fact Check” piece concluding that the claim that 94% of reported  COVID-19 deaths weren’t caused by COVID alone is “False.” Their reasoning? Reuters cites the term “comorbidity” chanted by Dr. Fauci and other healthcare practitioners to explain the seeming data inflation. Comorbidity refers to when a “cause of death,” in this case COVID, was only one of multiple causes that resulted in death. Therefore, 94% of reported COVID-19 deaths were not caused by COVID alone, but are rather cases of “comorbidity.” 

But according to Reuters and Fauci, “comorbidity” doesn’t diminish the mortality rate of COVID-19. COVID is just as fatal in these cases, they would claim, as if it were the only cause of death. 

The established method of listing the cause of death supports the 6% figure.

This assessment couldn’t be further from the truth, and the history of medical practice demonstrates this. Causes of death are more often than not “comorbid.” This simply means that patients who experience a fatal illness often have an underlying condition that made the illness fatal. For example, something as common as the flu or pneumonia can be fatal for cancer patients because cancer — the underlying condition — lowers the body’s immune system, making even the common cold life-threatening. 

However, as retired Professor of Pathology and former NHS consultant Dr. John Lee wrote in an article published by the Spectator, the medical community records the pre-existing condition as the cause of death — not the illness that may have been the immediate cause of death. In the case of the cancer patient, though the flu might be the immediate cause of death, the doctor will write “cancer” on the death certificate. Though two illnesses can be deemed “comorbid,” the underlying condition — in this case, cancer — is always listed as the cause of death. 

Doctors record the pre-existing condition as the cause of death — not the illness that was the immediate cause.

However, as Dr. Lee points out, this has not been the case with COVID-19 — in fact, quite the opposite. Ever since the COVID-19 outbreak, medical practitioners have been listing COVID-19 as the cause of death and NOT the underlying condition (which constitutes the 94% of reported COVID-19 deaths). Therefore, according to Dr. Lee and the history of the medical community, 94% of all recorded COVID-19 deaths on the CDC’s site should not list COVID-19 as the cause of death. The underlying conditions are the cause of death — not COVID-19. 

In short, only 6% of all recorded COVID-19 deaths are correctly labeled as such, yet Dr. Fauci and policymakers dismiss this seemingly optimistic data in order to preserve stringent regulations that fit their political agenda.  

Closing Thoughts

One glaring question arises from these two examples: What’s the government’s incentivization for covering up and manipulating data? In an ideal world, wouldn’t we want to return to normal as quickly as possible? Shouldn’t we be encouraged by this data indicating COVID’s lower fatality than we originally presumed? In an ideal world, we would hope that policymakers would adjust government restrictions on the economy, schools, and churches according to this optimistic data, yet instead, they cover it up to continue these crippling regulations.  

If 2020 has proven anything, it’s this: Those in authority don’t give up power easily. The COVID-19 pandemic has given governing authorities unprecedented power—the power to shut down businesses, to close schools’ doors, to dispel religious congregations. Such unforeseeable power demands justification, and many would argue that the initial outbreak did justify these temporary lockdowns as we’re were trying to ascertain the nature of the COVID-19 virus. However, six months later, the data doesn’t justify the draconian lockdowns crippling the American people. The governing agencies know this, yet they refuse to relinquish their new-found power back to the American people.