The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide

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What do you get the man who insists that he doesn’t need anything?

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Men are notoriously more difficult to shop for when it comes to holidays and birthdays than women. However, that doesn’t mean that we should simply go the lazy route and grab a gift card at the closest home improvement store on our way over to celebrate. Surely, the man who raised you or your husband, as well as the father of your children, deserve better than that. 

Fathers play a crucial role in shaping us to become strong, self-assured women. It may be our moms we run to to cry about a boy who broke our heart, but it’s our dads who teach us how to dust ourselves off and demand better the next time we put our feelings on the line. 

In our society, moms get a ton of praise for the role they play in their children’s lives, and while that is certainly well deserved, it seems that many forget to equally celebrate the dads. Men, in general, tend to not be as verbally expressive as women, so it’s no surprise that we don’t gush about them or to them as often in regards to how much we appreciate their presence, guidance, and support in our lives. That’s why, when it comes to gift-giving holidays like Father’s Day, it’s essential to take full advantage of the opportunity to show how much we care.

Whether you go in with your sibling(s) to split the cost of a personalized gift that will last a lifetime or you opt for a sentimental handwritten card and a nod to a sport he loves that shows you’ve been paying attention, there’s no question that he will appreciate the thoughtfulness. 

For Your Dad

for your dad fathers day gift guide 2022
Titleist Golf Hat $35 | Heated Razor Kit $150 | Smart Swim Goggles $24 (membership) | Electric Leaf Blower $146 | Personalized Dad Of The Year Baseball $16 | Dash Cam Mini $130 | Small Batch Whiskey $50Foot Massager $109 | Custom Painting $199 | Personalized Socks $12 | Everyday Shorts $30 | Personalized National Parks Scratch Off Poster $42

For Your Father-In-Law

for your father in law gift guide 2022
Baseball Stadium Blueprints $185 | The Table Knives $90 | Golf Ball Whiskey Chillers Set $30 | Omaha Steaks Package $125 | Yeti Tumbler $35 | The Bottle-Sized Portable Chair $100 | Personalized Toiletry Bag $56 | Holy Stone Drone with Wifi $80 | Portable Bluetooth Speaker $146 | Personalized Leather Cigar Holder $53 | Coffee Hot Sauce Duo $28

For Your Husband

for your husband fathers day gift guide 2022
Under Armour Freedom Flag Shirt $30 | Allbirds Wool Runners $110 | Wireless Meat Thermometer $100 | Lightweight Backpack Cooler $45 | Adidas Pants $45 | Ray-Ban Sunglasses $163 | Bro Mask $28 | Personalized Comic Book $40 | Tulum Shorts $98 | Baseball Park Map Glasses Set $35 | Nike Slides $30

Closing Thoughts

There you have it! No matter what life stage you’re in, you more than likely have a father figure who deserves to be celebrated this year. Hopefully this guide has provided you with plenty of thoughtful gifts to let the men in your life know they are appreciated and loved by you this Father’s Day. 

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