The Entire Timeline Of Cole And Savannah LaBrant’s Picture-Perfect Relationship

Cole and Savannah LaBrant are one of YouTube’s most beloved couples. With 13.1 million subscribers and wholesome content for the whole family to enjoy, it’s easy to see why.

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Originally from Atlanta, Cole first rose to social media fame on Vine when he and two friends went viral for posting dancing videos. He then started producing solo content on Vine and (which was eventually bought out by TikTok), mainly revolving around Christianity and comedy, and appeared on The Amazing Race with his family in 2015.

Savannah grew up in California and was the daughter of a Christian single mom. She entered a toxic relationship in her late teen years, which eventually led to the birth of her daughter Everleigh when she was 19 in December 2012. When Everleigh was in preschool, Savannah started posting videos with Everleigh on 

Both Cole and Savannah had strong social media followings across several platforms (including Instagram and YouTube) before they met and started dating in 2016 and married in 2017. Since then, they’ve become famous for social media content, mainly for their YouTube vlogs featuring their adorable children.

Here’s a timeline and an in-depth breakdown of their relationship and marriage.

Summer 2016: Cole and Savannah Meet and Start Dating

Cole and Savannah started sharing pictures together on social media in June 2016, but they didn’t make their relationship official on Instagram until July. Savannah posted a picture on Instagram of the couple in a blanket fort, writing, “He makes me laugh & he likes blanket forts. #IWin.”

 Cole posted a picture of the couple together with a longer caption. He wrote, “This is my girlfriend. I didn't want to have to do this but I feel it's needed after all the confusion. Anybody who knows me knows how extremely picky I am, and how I would never date someone just to date someone. I've actually never had a girlfriend before just because I've never met someone who seemed right and fit my standards. Someone who laughs with me constantly, loves my goofiness, is my best friend, and most importantly encourages and grows my walk with Christ every second. Savannah is amazing, and anyone who thinks differently just because of what you may see on the outside or assume based on ones past obviously doesn't know the redeeming God that we know. Our relationship is rooted in Jesus and we are both believing in the fruit that will be produced because of us choosing Him first.”

He continued, “She is in no way bad for me and in no way distracting me from God. Rather encouraging me and opening up new areas in my life for God to work in that I wasn't even aware needed fixing. God takes our worst, forgives it, and throws it in the deepest part of the ocean. That goes for any and everyone. Sin is sin, but I believe this God who created the universe from nothing, who conquered sin and death, and who can make the sun stand still is big enough to turn something the enemy deemed for destruction into such a blessing that brings God ultimate glory.” 

“I don't know what God has planned for the future," he concluded. “But I do know what He has planned for now, and now is amazing. Our relationship won't be perfect. We know that. We are imperfect people. But we are putting everything in the hands of Who is perfect, and trusting that. Thanks for sticking around with me all this time guys, and I hope you decide to support us through this.”

January 2017: Cole Proposes to Savannah

After six months of dating in a long-distance relationship with Cole in Atlanta and Savannah in California, Cole proposed to Savannah. They both posted a picture of the proposal on Instagram. 

Cole wrote, “Today I asked my best friend if she would spend forever with me. The best part is, she said yes! I've always heard people say ‘when you know you, you know’.. I never understood this until I met Savannah. After the first time I saw her laugh, I knew I had to marry this girl! She's my absolute best friend in the world, the most amazing mom on earth, and her heart for Jesus keeps me falling deeper in love every day. I'm in absolute shock I get to spend the rest of my life with you! I promise to always love you, always make you laugh, always lead you to Jesus above myself, love your little girl with my whole entire heart and show her what it means for a man to truly love, lead, and respect a woman. Who would've ever thought this little Alabama boy would've taken a spur of the moment California trip, meet this California babe, and marry her. Today was a dream! Thank you Jesus for this blessing, thank you Savannah for loving me! Here comes forever baby!”

Savannah wrote, Today my best friend asked me to spend forever with him.. I said yes! Today Jesus answered all of my prayers – my prayers to find a Godly man that will love me and my daughter unconditionally. This was the most amazing and surreal moment of my life. I was so surprised, I cried my eyes out. He had all of our family and my closest friends there, & an amazing musician singing our song. He asked my daughter if he could be her daddy forever, gave her a ring, and asked if he could marry her mommy. Everleigh giggled and said yes. I am the happiest girl in the entire world. I can't stop staring at my ring, I can't stop kissing my fiancé, & I can't stop smiling. But most of all, I CAN'T WAIT TO MARRY MY BEST FRIEND!”

July 2017: Cole and Savannah Get Married

Cole and Savannah tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony on July 10, 2017. They both posted pictures from the wedding on Instagram, and their wholesome wedding video went viral on YouTube (it has over 43 million views). 

On Instagram, Cole wrote, “This is love. This is my wife. She is the most incredible human I have ever met, and over the past year has shown me what it truly means to love and to be loved. She loves Jesus and has allowed Him to work and change our lives and mold our relationship. We're all broken people, but Jesus takes our brokenness and turns it into something beautiful. He took us two broken people and made us one with Christ. You are such an inspiration to so many people, and I couldn't be more proud, overjoyed, overwhelmed, and in awe of you and how Jesus is working through you. I feel like we've already been through so much, but this is only just the beginning. You're now my wife and my forever. I'll hold you always. Here comes forever.”

Savannah also wrote, “I'm so in awe of him. His heart for me is incredible but his heart for the Lord is what inspires me to be a better person everyday. I get to love him forever.. I feel like I'm in a dream! IM A WIFEY!”

September 2017: Cole and Savannah Buy a House 

After navigating long-distance for most of their relationship, Cole and Savannah were excited to move into a house together in California in September 2017. The newly married couple took to Instagram to celebrate the milestone.

Cole wrote, “We just bought our first house and I can't believe it! Can't wait to start this new chapter of life with my best friend and all the adventures to be had in this place! This will be the house we raise our future family in. God's good!”

Savannah wrote, “Crazy in love with my best friend. & our new cute house!”

May 2018: Cole and Savannah Announce They're Having a Baby

Though Savannah had Everleigh in a previous relationship, she and Cole announced they were expecting a child together in May 2018 that was due at the end of the year. Savannah announced the pregnancy in a cute Instagram video with her, Cole, and Everleigh dancing to songs like “Come On Over Baby” by Christina Aguilera, “Baby One More Time” by Britney Spears, and “Hey Baby” by No Doubt.

Cole shared the news with a picture of Savannah and a positive pregnancy test captioned, “Can’t believe I made a baby with the hottest woman on the planet.”

December 2018: Posie Is Born

Cole and Savannah’s daughter Posie Raine LaBrant was born on December 28, 2018. Both Cole and Savannah announced Posie’s birth with individual pictures of each of them holding Posie.

Cole wrote, “This was the best day of my life. Words can’t even express how much I love her. I praise you God, for she is fearfully and wonderfully made.”

Savannah wrote, “On December 28th God blessed us with this little 6 lb 13 oz perfect & healthy little baby girl. We are all so crazy in love with her. 2019 is going to be the best year yet!”

December 2019: Another Pregnancy Announcement

Nearly a year after Posie was born, Cole and Savannah took to Instagram to share that they were expecting another child together. Savannah announced the news in a cute Instagram video with her, Cole, Everleigh, and Posie dancing to songs like the “Baby Shark” remix and “Hey Baby” by Pitbull.

Cole posted a picture of Savannah, Everleigh, and Posie alongside a positive pregnancy test. He wrote, “I’m 23 years old and getting ready for baby number 3... not sure if I’m excited or terrified yet but we’ll figure it out.”

July 2020: Zealand Is Born

Cole and Savannah’s first son, Zealand Cole LaBrant, was born on July 29, 2020. Cole shared a picture on Instagram of Savannah at the hospital, captioned, She did it. My wife is the strongest woman I’ve ever met. At 2:42 this morning we met our little man Z.”

Savannah posted a picture of herself holding Zealand and wrote, “What every boy mama has told me was right.. there’s something so special about our bond already. I’ll forever protect you baby boy.. mommy loves you so so much.”

August 2020: Cole and Savannah Discuss Zealand’s Health Issues

A few days after Zealand was born, Zealand was hospitalized with a severe case of jaundice. He was discharged after two weeks in the NICU, but Cole and Savannah shared the story in one of their YouTube vlogs and on Instagram.

Alongside a photo of him holding Zealand, Cole wrote, “This past week has been one of the most emotional weeks of my life. From the mountain top of bringing a baby into this world down to the valley of spending the past week in the NICU with him. We don’t have answers for our little Z man yet, but we know God is in complete control. Our faith has never been stronger and we know God has our son in His hands. We trust you Lord. My wife is my hero. My kids are my world. Please pray we get to bring our little man home soon.”

After Zealand recovered, Savannah posted a picture of her holding Zealand captioned, “Zealand Cole, you’ve already made me a better person. A better mom. A better wife. Stronger in my faith. You’re already a world changer & I’m so proud of you already. 2 weeks old today & almost 2 weeks in the nicu. It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions but every time I get to hold you and love on you, everything is instantly okay. I love you little Z!”

November 2021: Fourth Baby Announcement

In November 2021, Cole and Savannah took to Instagram to share that they were expecting a fourth child. Alongside a picture of Savannah, Everleigh, Posie, Zealand, and a positive pregnancy test, Cole wrote, “What can I say, I love my wife. #BabyNumber4”

Savannah posted a picture with the whole family sharing an ultrasound photo captioned, “Oops we did it again. Baby number 4 coming early June, 2022.”

June 2022: Zealand Has a Seizure and Sunday Is Born

June 2022 was a stressful and eventful month for the LaBrant family. On June 2, both Cole and Savannah shared a photo of Savannah holding Zealand in the hospital that was captioned, “Savannah was supposed to go in to be induced last night at midnight. God had other plans. Our Z had a rough seizure just hours before we were supposed to go in. We think it was caused by a spiked fever. He stopped breathing for awhile and went lifeless while I performed CPR on him until the paramedics showed up. He slowly came to and appears to have fully recovered after spending a few hours in the hospital. Please pray for this boy. Please pray for my wife and our new baby girl we can’t wait to meet. We cancelled last nights induction and trusting Gods timing on when baby girl will come. My wife is the strongest person I know and there’s nobody I’d rather share these good and terrible moments with. Yesterday was easily the scariest day of our lives and just thankful to have our Zealand with us.”

Savannah was induced a few days after Zealand recovered and gave birth to a daughter named Sunday Savannah LaBrant. Cole posted a photo on Instagram of him and Savannah with Sunday captioned, “Easy like a Sunday morning. That’s exactly what our Sunday has been so far. The easiest birth and easiest baby the past few days, which is everything we’ve been praying for. Especially since the last couple weeks have come with so many difficulties. We love you so much Sunday. I can’t wait to become your best friend.”

Savannah also posted a photo of her holding Sunday. She wrote, “Our little Sunday Savannah. Our whole fam is so so in love with her. Welcome to your big family, sunny girl.”

Closing Thoughts

From when they started dating in 2016 to their life as a married couple with four beautiful children, Cole and Savannah LaBrant have had quite the relationship journey. Fans have seen their ups and downs through their YouTube channel and various social media channels, and we can’t wait to see where the future takes them.

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