The Definitive Ranking Of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Costumes

Swiftie or not, everyone is talking about Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour. From her three-hour set list to her elaborate costumes, it’s hard to avoid talk of the most anticipated tour of the year (and possibly the decade).

By Meghan Dillon4 min read
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Taylor Swift’s Eras tour is divided into 10 eras, each representing one of her ten albums. Each era has its themes, and many eras are represented by a single designer (Roberto Cavalli for “1989,” Ashish for “Red,” Alberta Ferretti for “Folklore,” etc). Taylor wears an impressive number of costumes – 24 – in her show!

Call it a distraction from the mundane of our work week – even though we love everything about the Eras Tour and each of her costumes in their own way, we couldn't help ourselves from ranking each look from worst to best.

24. Ashish Red Graphic Tee

This is a cute homage to her iconic “22” video, but we can’t help but feel like it’s too simple for the tour. She has worn this tee with several different sayings from the Red era, including, “A lot going on at the moment,” “Who’s Taylor Swift anyway?” and “We are never ever getting back together.”

23. 1989 Roberto Cavalli Orange Set

Though all three of the Roberto Cavalli sets are beautiful, this is our least favorite simply because it’s the least flattering color on her. Don’t get us wrong, she still looks great, but the other colors simply highlighted her natural beauty better.

22. Lover Versace Silver Blazer Set

We love the sparkles and the matching boots, but it’s giving “The Man” vibes, which isn’t our favorite song of hers. We can’t help but wish she saved the silver sparkles for a fringe dress or gown.

21. Midnights Zuhair Murad Bodysuit

We love the intricate details on this bodysuit but had to rank it low because we think it would be prettier on a gown. It’s a beautiful outfit but has so much more potential.

20. 1989 Roberto Cavalli Green Set

This fun and flirty set perfectly represents the fun and carefree nature of the 1989 era. It makes us want to dance to “Shake It Off” all night with our girlfriends, making it the perfect costume for this set.

19. Reputation Roberto Cavalli Bodysuit

Nothing screams Reputation quite like this outfit. It’s badass yet beautiful, and the snake imagery is nothing short of iconic. It’s the perfect representation of her darkest album, and we have no choice but to be obsessed.

18. Lover Atelier Versace Bodysuit with Gold Sides

Taylor knows how to make an outfit that is over-the-top but not obnoxious, and this bodysuit is the perfect example. We love the sparkles and the dance costume vibes but how it still looks elegant and glamorous.

17. 1989 Roberto Cavalli Pink Set

Of the three Roberto Cavalli outfits she wears during the 1989 set, this one has to be our favorite. We may be biased because we love the color pink, but you can’t deny how pretty the color looks on her.

16. Red Ashish Romper

We love the red-and-black ombre detail in the middle of the bodysuit, which gives us serious “Maroon” vibes. It’s such a cute and fun outfit for the show but still represents the Red era well.

15. Lover Atelier Versace Bodysuit with Blue Sides

It’s the sparkly and over-the-top bodysuit of our dreams, and we can’t get enough. While this is similar to her other bodysuit for the Lover era, we prefer this one since the blue makes more sense for the era.

14. Lover Versace Black Blazer 

Though you could argue that this blazer gives #bossbabe vibes, we can’t get past all of the sparkles to care. It’s super cute and girlie, and we just wish that it was socially acceptable to wear this many sparkles on a daily basis.

13. Fearless Roberto Cavalli Gold and Silver Dress

We’re obsessed with the silver and gold detail at the bottom of this dress and can’t get over the country flapper girl vibes. It’s stunning, but not as jaw-dropping as the other dress she wore for the Fearless era.

12. Midnights Oscar de la Renta Fringe Bodysuit

This bodysuit reminds us of the fringe flapper-style dresses of the Fearless era but with the mature and sexy vibe of the Midnights era. The boots truly bring the outfit together, perfectly blending the two eras into one outfit.

11. Folklore Alberta Ferretti Cream Gown

This gown gives off serious Daisy Jones & The Six vibes (which is believed to be inspired by Fleetwood Mac), representing the beauty and chaos of the Folklore era. It’s as beautiful as it is on-brand for Taylor, and we can’t stop staring at it.

10. “Lavender Haze” Oscar de la Renta Coat and Sparkly Pink Dress

It only made sense for her to wear lavender during “Lavender Haze,” and though we can’t help but love this chic coat, we’re obsessed with the sparkly dress that she wears underneath. It’s supposed to represent the Midnights era, but it also pays homage to other eras like Speak Now and 1989, making it the perfect Eras tour dress.

9. Acoustic Green Dress

We love that she wore this dress during her acoustic set, as it takes country-girl glam to another level. It’s just the right amount of ethereal and flowy but still looks beautiful when she sits down to play some of her older songs.

8. Folklore Alberta Ferretti Purple Dress

We love that all of her dresses for Folklore are inspired by nature, and this dress seems to represent the darker side of nature. It’s moody and elegant, perfectly matching the feel of Folklore.

7. Red Ashish Coat Dress

This coat dress is the perfect mix of edgy and elegant. We love that she wears it to perform the 10-minute version of “All Too Well,” one of her most iconic and beloved songs. This outfit feels like all of her eras were put into one, and isn’t that what the Eras tour is all about?

6. Acoustic Jessica Jones Plum Dress

This stunning dress from her acoustic set made us think of her country-girl roots but also fit the maturity of her new sound and style. We also love how it flows when she performs, giving the ethereal vibe that we all adore.

5. Folklore Alberta Ferretti Green Dress

If any dress can perfectly describe the Folklore era, it’s this stunning green dress. The woodland fairy princess vibes are immaculate and feel like a more mature and elegant version of Tinkerbell, so how could we not be obsessed?

4. Evermore Etro Boho Dress

We love this look for many reasons, from its cottagecore vibes to its beautiful color. It’s beautiful and glamorous, but also something that we can see ourselves wearing on a summer night out.

3. Fearless Roberto Cavalli Gold Beaded Dress

Our favorite part of this dress is that it stays true to the Fearless era with the gold fringe and sparkly boots. It’s giving flapper cowgirl, an aesthetic we can all get behind.

2. Folklore Alberta Ferretti Sequin Cream Dress

This blush-toned gown with intricate and feminine details is giving Stevie Nicks meets fairytale princess, and we have no choice but to stan. It’s elegant without being over-the-top, making it the perfect stage costume.

1. “Enchanted” Zuhair Murad Couture Dress

Though Taylor has worn a couple of different gowns to perform “Enchanted,” this sparkly pink ball gown is our absolute favorite. It perfectly embodies the song’s romanticism and fairytale themes, and we can’t help but love how beautiful and feminine it is. Dare we say that it was enchanting to see this gown?

Closing Thoughts

From her stunning “Enchanted” gown to her sparkly Lover bodysuits, Taylor Swift’s Eras tour wardrobe perfectly represents the unique identity of each era. Whether you’re a Reputation gal or a Fearless girlie, you’ll be sure to enjoy every outfit she wears during the epic concert.

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