The Bodies Of Aborted Babies Are Being Bought And Experimented On By The FDA And Our Tax Dollars Are Funding It

As it turns out, there's an even darker side to the abortion industry than what we're already aware of.

By Alicia Bittle4 min read
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Please note: This article contains graphic descriptions and is intended only for readers 18+.

In a series of emails released to the public via a Freedom of Information Act request, it’s been revealed that our government has been requesting late-term, “fresh,” aborted baby parts for vile experiments such as “humanized mice.” This means that, because it’s our government doing this, it's our tax dollars that are funding the desecration of these children. 

I read all 575 pages of emails (so that you don’t have to), and it was harrowing. I don’t recommend it. However, let me summarize some of the more disturbing details and discuss what I’ve learned.

Evil Doesn't Always Look Distinctive

They don’t sit around in a darkened study like Mr. Burns from the Simpsons and drum their steepled fingers together, brooding over what their next nefarious deed will be. They wish each other things like “Stay warm and safe this week!!” and “Enjoy the rest of your summer!” This fact was one of the more unsettling features of these emails. 

The emails are exchanged between two people, Perrin (the baby harvester) and Kristina (the FDA scientist who is transplanting aborted baby organs inside mice), and, besides the fact that the subject of every email revolves around the celebrated death of a child, the emails consist of otherwise normal dialogue. Perrin and Kristina become friends, or at least close acquaintances, over the course of their frequent emails (spanning seven years), and they try to meet up whenever they’re in the same cities for workshops. At one point, they discover that they’re both in Boston and try to meet up for dinner.

From their emails, they both seem fulfilled by their jobs. They take pride in what they do, there’s no sense that anything feels off to them or wrong about what they’re doing. They believe what they’re doing is furthering the betterment of society.

Besides the fact that every email revolves around a dead baby, they consist of otherwise normal dialogue.

I think it’s important to notice all of this because I believe we often have this idea in our heads that people capable of true evil appear evil on the outside. We have this caricature of what evil looks like and because of that, we hold onto a false sense of security that we will be able to immediately recognize it in others and avoid it. While sometimes this is true and evil is easy to recognize, sometimes it’s not. Sometimes it says, “I hope you had a nice holiday and wish you a happy New Year!” 

Using Language To Distance Yourself from the Truth

While Perrin and Kristina’s social interactions with each other are normal, the content of their emails is decidedly not. They celebrate when abortion clinics are “busy” (but also complain because “It's so frustrating. We're…working with a new doctor in one of the busiest clinics…not a good combo! The tissue is awful!”), bemoan themselves when the clinics are “slow,” and fawn over the butchered pieces of aborted babies, calling them “beautiful” and “wonderful” and say things like “Btw, last week’s tissue was amazing!” and “Yay! Happy to hear tissue is available. By chance do you know how many weeks it is?”

They also do this weird dance around the language they use to refer to the aborted babies they’re processing. Mostly, they refer to the organs of the dead babies as “tissue,” and while this is scientifically accurate, in certain exchanges it just doesn't make sense. Such is the case in this set of emails: “Hi Perrin, I wanted to check with your records on the sex of the tissue we received today. It was Liver #4505. Thank you, Kristina.”

“Hi Kristina, The techs were not able to identify the gender. We only can check external genitalia and if it's not there…due to the nature of the termination procedure…we have no way of telling. Perrin.”

Kristina and Perrin refuse to tell it like it is and refer to the baby as a baby. They even refuse to use words like kill, death, or abort, as you can see in this next email exchange: “Hi Kristina, Nothing today. We had an afternoon clinic in NJ and were hoping for the best, but nothing. This week I'm working with a doctor who induces fetal demise at 20 weeks. The other doctors who staff this clinic don't induce fetal demise until 22 weeks…and of course…this week we had 4 21 week cases that all had been injected with digoxin on Wednesday so the tissue is unusable. I'll have you on next week and will prioritize your request. Perrin”

“Induce fetal demise” – that’s a lot of extra words to use when just one would do. I’m not sure if this is more scientific “jargon,” or if Kristina and Perrin are simply trying to mentally separate themselves as far as possible from what’s really going on here. 

Most likely, what’s being talked about is the desirability of partial-birth abortions (which are illegal) but still happen as long as the right people are in the room. Partial birth abortions are the surest way to collect intact, undamaged organs, skulls, and skin as requested by several governmental organizations. In a partial-birth abortion, the body of the baby is partially delivered by hand without medication or digoxin administered. While the baby’s head is still inside the uterus, the abortionist uses a pair of scissors to puncture a hole at the base of the infant’s skull. Then he uses a suction catheter to suck out the baby’s brain. Sometimes he simply snips the baby’s spinal cord and then fully delivers the dead baby. 

Another unsettling conversational quirk is the fact that Kristina is in the habit of using smiley faces to communicate her happiness when newly aborted babies are available, therefore allowing her team to make more mice containing human immune systems: “I am very grateful that you were able to find another set of tissue for us. :)”

They do this weird dance around the language they use to refer to the aborted babies they’re processing.

Several times FedEx loses her packages containing the baby organs, and she uses frowny faces to communicate how sad that makes her: “I have been on the phone with Fedex most of the day and they still can't tell me where it is. :(”

Honestly, this is where I’m at a loss for words. When I said slogging through these emails was harrowing, this is what I meant. The utter lack of respect and decency that Perrin and Kristina have for these poor, lost, innocent little lives shook me to my core. It’s given me nightmares. To scavenge the organs from a murdered baby, like a vulture, and graft them inside of a mouse to subject them to further biological experimentation is an abomination of nature. It’s ghoulish. When H.G. Wells wrote his novel The Island of Doctor Moreau in 1896, I don’t imagine he ever thought it’d actually come true.

“Everyone” Is “Desperate” for Aborted Baby Parts

“While we (like everyone else) are desperate for tissue each week,” says Kristina when requesting more than her usual once-a-week shipment of baby organs. What?, I wondered, Everyone else? What does that mean? 

So I did more digging, and apparently, “everyone” refers to our beloved NIH, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and the University of Pittsburgh. This list is non-exhaustive, I’m sure, but along with the FDA, those seem to be the big four. 

The fact that profiting from the sale of aborted babies is illegal doesn't seem to be much of a deterrent, however, as Advanced Bioscience Resources has streamlined its process by providing a menu for its clients, similar to one you’d find at a butcher’s shop.

Our Tax Dollars Are Funding This

According to Forbes, “the amount of taxpayer-provided NIH research funding per year… has been between $28-31 billion in nominal dollars per year since 2005.” As for the FDA, $3.3 billion dollars of our tax money generally funds the program per year. This means that the average American spends $84-93 dollars per year, funding these two programs alone.

The fact that a single cent of my money is helping to further these crimes against humanity fills me with dread, and to subject an entire population to play accomplice to these atrocities is despicable.

Closing Thoughts

I didn’t think anything could be eviler than murdering a baby in the womb. I didn’t think anything could be more depraved or violate the laws of nature more than that. Apparently, I was mistaken.

This has to end. This sacrifice of children on the altar of science, of personal comfort, gain, and advancement, has got to end. There is no nuance about this. This is wrong. It’s evil, and the fact that my money is contributing to it, as an American taxpayer, breaks my heart.

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