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The Best Nail Polish Color For Each Skin Tone

By Mandie Brice·· 1 min read

The Best Nail Polish Color For Each Skin Tone

When you think of color matching, one of the last things on your mind might be your fingertips, but an essential part of a good manicure is making sure that you choose the right color! It's important to consider your skin tone, your undertones, and your lifestyle!

The last one, lifestyle, is vital, because we're still working on figuring out a long-lasting, quick, do-it-yourself system for nail color. So, if you’re the kind of person whose nails are last on the beauty to-do list, you may want to consider finding the best nude color for your skin tone, because chips and outgrowth won’t be as obvious as they would with a very contrasting color!

If you’re aghast at the idea of letting your nails grow out or be chipped, then you're probably already keeping your mani well-groomed and know what looks great and what doesn’t, but just in case, here’s an easy guide for beautiful nails!

Tanned Skin Tones

Finding the Right Nude

There are finally a lot of great nudes to choose from with a universal range of skin tones, from fair/ivory-type nudes to much darker shades for those on the deep end of the spectrum. If, after you match the proper shade from a light or dark standpoint and it still looks a bit “off,” you may need to go over it with a very light/sheer polish in your undertone to make it look more natural. Many who have very fair-toned hands will need to add an extremely light pink overtop to mimic their natural tone, while others may need a slight orange, yellow, or blue top coat to make it look natural.

You can find out your undertone by looking at the veins on the inside of your forearm. If they're blueish, you have a cooler undertone, and if they're greenish, you can go for a warmer color. Or, if silver jewelry looks better on you, you’re more suited to cooler tones, but if gold is better, you have a warm undertone! There’s also the possibility that you’re neutral (if both look good on you), which means you probably can go with a clear top coat!

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Essie ballet slippers Fair/Pale Skin Tones

The Best Colors for Fair Skin

If you have fair skin, pastels are a great choice, unless you’re going for the Goth/Vampy look! If you’ve read my previous article on royal favorites, it should come as no surprise that a royal family favorite is perfect for pale skin: "Ballet Slippers," made by Essie! Other great colors for fair skin beyond pastels are gray, chrome, or a bright red for a femme fatale look!

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olive skin nail polish zoya red

The Best Colors for Olive Skin

If you have olive skin tones, usually it’s best to avoid yellows and army greens, but almost every other color looks great! I think "Pepper" by Zoya is a great choice - it’s bold, but has a wine-toned tint to it, and brings out the depth of olive tones. Metallic gold is another fun option!

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tan skin sinful colors

The Best Colors for Tan Skin

Bronzed babes have it all! Tanned/medium skin has the benefit of being able to flaunt just about any color under the sun. I absolutely love a great flash of bright to enhance contrast. One of my favorites is the bright pink “24/7” made by Sinful Colors, but a bright yellow, flashy metallic silver, or a beautiful lavender are all great choices!

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sally hanson mellow yellow

The Best Colors for Dark Skin

If you’re up for a high contrast, I love a bright yellow against dark skin, like the Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear nail polish in "Mellow Yellow," but if you’d like a less “in your face” option, a pearlescent purple or burgundy looks gorgeous as well!

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