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The Best Nude Polish For Your Skin Tone

By Mandie Brice·· 2 min read

The Best Nude Polish For Your Skin Tone

One of the best options for someone who likes to be low-maintenance or may not have the time, money, or patience to always get a new manicure is a nude polish. Colors close to our natural skin tone are less likely to show any chips or nicks. This seems like a super simple solution, but in reality, there are infinite numbers of skin tones, which of course means that what’s nude on me could be a dramatic look (and therefore easy to see chips) on someone else. That's likely why Christian Louboutin has a 10 shade line of nail polishes specifically called “The Nudes!”

If it’s in your budget, feel free to find the one out of the 10 that's best for you. But if you don’t have $50 for one bottle of nail polish, don’t worry - you don’t have to be a professional makeup artist with a strong background in color theory to pick your perfect nude polish (though a bit of mixology could help)! If you want to get a good idea in a hurry if you like a shade, try holding your foundation bottle next to the shade of nail polish you’re considering. If they look good together, the chances are good that you’ll like how the polish looks on your nails, too! 

Dark Skin Tones

If you have ebony tones, you may fret when you start searching for nude cosmetics, as it may only be the past couple of years that foundation has been easily accessible. "Brown Nose" by Sally Hansen is an excellent choice for middle-to-deep skin, is opaque, and is on the warmer side as far as undertone goes. If you want something a bit more feminine, "Brigitte" by Zoya and L’Oreal’s "Liya’s Nude" have more hints of pink to offer. If those are too light for you, check out Marc Jacobs Beauty’s nail polish in "Bark"! 

Medium/Olive Skin Tones

If your skin tone is olive, and you’re somewhere in between the fair and deep skin tone categories, then your best nude option is probably something that’s a blend of pink and beige, to brighten the look of the skin, like "Yummy Mummy" by Butter London. One option for those with cooler undertones is Smith & Cult’s "Doe My Dear," which may already win for its sleek packaging, but remember - it’s what’s inside that counts, and fortunately, this is a great choice based upon that, too! If you’re not a big fan of all things pink, you may want to consider a pale taupe, like Essie’s "Wild Nude."

Tan Skin Tones

If you’re tan-skinned, just about anything looks fantastic. But for a great, warm neutral nude, try Deborah Lippmann nail color in "Terra Nova"! "Bethany" by Zoya is also a great choice. "Couples Massage" by Sally Hansen falls somewhere in between the previous two mentions, with a satin-esque finish and a warm color that’s fabulous!

Fair/Pale Skin Tones

For our fair-skinned beauties, Essie’s "Topless and Barefoot" makes just about every list, probably because it’s a perfect fair-toned creamy beige with a hint of pink. But what may be the real Essie MVP when nudes come in is probably "Ballet Slippers," an award-winning polish that is a favorite of many members of the royal family - and who better to choose a favorite nude nail than those who aren’t supposed to wear anything else on their fingertips? If you prefer something less pink, "JINsoon Dew" is an excellent shade of white that's sheer in the first coat, but is buildable to a more opaque white! For a warmer look, try Tom Ford’s "Toasted Sugar."

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