The Best And Worst Dressed Celebs At The 2022 Emmys

By Anna Hartman
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Yes, award season is still happening in Hollywood. And no, we still don’t care about anything except the red carpet.

Hollywood’s elites presenting themselves with awards and parading around the stage giving 10-minute acceptance speeches while virtual signaling to the world that they’re a good person isn’t really my idea of a relaxing Monday night. Instead, I’d much rather admire the gorgeous gowns during the red carpet pre-show while everyone is focused on the dresses, designers, and beauty, and move on with my evening once 8 pm rolls around. 

It’s fascinating to me what these A-list celebs choose to wear out of anything (literally, anything) in the world that they have access to. Some of them nail it show after show, event after event, and others… well, we’ve come to understand that their stylists are simply out to sabotage them. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the best and worst dressed from the 2022 Emmys red carpet. 

Best Dressed


Not only did the stunning Zendaya wow us in one gown, but two! This is an A-list actress who knows how to work the red carpet and turn heads while remaining feminine and classy. 

Sydney Sweeney

She is beauty, she is grace. I’m simply obsessed with both of these looks – one appropriate for a fancy star-studded event and the other for a lively after-party. 

Rhea Seehorn

Talk about making a statement in a classy way. This dress is anything but boring and yet… it doesn’t show off her bare nipples or underwear. Take notes, Florence Pugh. 

Ayo Edebiri

And for the dress that I’ll be stealing for my own closet, here we have a feminine mini dress with just the right amount of dainty details. Her simple styling, makeup, and hair complimented the dress perfectly.  

Natalie Zea

Talk about shining on the red carpet. This sparkly pink gown is flawless and, once again, her styling and simplicity with the rest of the look is perfection. 

Lily James

One sec – picking my jaw up from the floor. Lily James can do no wrong, and this corseted dress is undeniably sexy while remaining elegant. 

Alexandria Daddario

The beading, the fit, the styling. There’s no way around it, this look was tailor-made for Alexandra Daddario. 

Kerry Washington

Now this is breaking the mold of the traditional gown while still absolutely nailing the elegance and glamour of the Emmys. Just beautiful!

Reese Witherspoon

Does this remind anyone else of Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde? Reese looks like the Fourth of July in the best possible way. 

Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara knows how to rock a bright, bold color, and this dress is no exception. The yellow looked stunning, and the silhouette highlighted her fit physique so well. 

Amanda Seyfried

Mermaid vibes, but make it elevated. This dress just felt like Amanda Seyfried and looked so glamorous on the red carpet. 

Selena Gomez

We’re a sucker for Selena Gomez, so needless to say, we were drooling over this gorgeous white gown. With her hair back, simple makeup, and statement earrings, she gave us the perfect understated, yet glamorous look. 

Maude Apatow

Corsets are back in, and this is how you wear them in an utterly sophisticated way. The fit of this dress is everything and her giant jewel necklace was the only addition she needed to make the ultimate statement. 

Worst Dressed

Sarah Paulson

It’s giving… confusion. There are simply too many shapes and silhouettes happening here, and the punk-rock leather belt paired with the metal choker is just not right for such a classy lady. 

Sandra Oh

Elvis has entered the building. Wait, you’re telling me that’s Sandra Oh? Oh no. Not only is the bold, tacky purple a strange choice, but the fit is so off. If a celebrity like Sandra can’t afford to hire a reputable tailor, I’m sorry to tell you: We’re all doomed. 


Not surprisingly, Lizzo has managed to make it on our worst-dressed list once again. This one definitely gets an A for effort – I’m a sucker for tulle and the color is stunning on her – but just like every other red carpet look that Lizzo wears, the overwhelming amount of fabric is swallowing her. 

Megan Statler

Sorry, what? Who thought that a see-through lace nightgown paired with red underwear would be an appropriate look for a star-studded red carpet? 

Kaley Cuoco

She’s a pretty, pretty cupcake. This may have worked for…I don’t know, her sweet sixteen? It’s a feminine dress for sure, but it just doesn’t quite scream elegant 36 year old.  

Laverne Cox

If you watched the E! red carpet coverage of the Emmys, you and I both had to stare at the weird pointy boobs on her dress for nearly two hours. I can only imagine how distracted her guests were when they were chatting. 

Jasmin Savoy Brown

Remember the old joke our dads used to make when we’d wear our brand new jeans with holes in them, “Where are the rest of them?” That’s exactly what pops into my head when I see this dress. I get wanting to show off your snatched waist, but I feel like a sophisticated form-fitting gown would have done the trick.  

Closing Thoughts

What do you think about this year’s looks from the Emmys? Did your favorite celebrity make the list? Let us know in the comments! 

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