Hot Women Are Less Likely To Cheat, According To A New Study

A study shared by Men’s Health suggests that women who are considered more attractive are less likely to cheat in relationships. However, a man’s looks seem to have little to no impact on whether or not he cheats.

By Camille Lowe1 min read
Pexels/Nadin Sh

Instead, the likelihood of him cheating is more affected by how attractive he perceives his partner to be. Most importantly, it was determined by the study that insecurity plays the primary role in the decision to cheat, and that’s true for both sexes.

This study revealed an intriguing trend–that more attractive women tend to be more faithful. This phenomenon may be attributed to higher self-esteem bolstered by positive affirmation and attention, which decreases the inclination to seek validation outside their primary relationships. The correlation potentially suggests that higher self-esteem, linked to satisfaction in life and relationships, minimizes the desire for external validation, indirectly affecting fidelity.

For men, the decision to cheat is less about their own attractiveness and more about their perception of their partner's attractiveness. Men are more likely to cheat if they find their partner less attractive, highlighting a difference in motivations behind infidelity between the sexes. This suggests that male infidelity may often stem from dissatisfaction or pursuit of novelty, but if one digs deeper, they’ll also typically find that the issue is also related to the man’s self-esteem. The article explains that low self-esteem often leads individuals to seek external validation through infidelity as a way to bolster their self-worth.

The Role of Self-Esteem in Infidelity

The findings regarding the link between attractiveness and fidelity in women contrasted with the motivations for male infidelity highlight an interesting difference but point to the importance of healthy self-esteem. If someone constantly feels the need to validate themselves in the eyes of others, they will have a very difficult time fostering emotional depth and commitment within a relationship. Addressing these personal insecurities can help people cultivate more personal integrity and build stronger romantic bonds.

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