Considering Skipping The Degree? Here’s The Best Loan-Free Career For Your Personality Type

Are you considering skipping a traditional four year college degree, but aren’t sure what to do instead? Read on to discover the best loan-free career for your personality type.

By Greta Waldon4 min read
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I recently wrote about ways that future moms might want to rethink and shape their careers without a traditional degree in order to feel like they have the flexibility to be home with their kids for as long as they want while still following their own unique passions. One reason this has become a more popular option is the ever-increasing cost of attending a four year program, even at supposedly more affordable state schools or community colleges, all while the guarantee of gainful employment post-graduation is shrinking or nonexistent, depending on your major.

If you’re thinking you might be curious about careers outside the world of diplomas, ones that bring you fulfillment and flexibility without the high price tag, I’ve narrowed down the best option for each Myers-Briggs personality type. Don’t know your type yet? Take this quiz to find out, then meet me back here!

Keep in mind that there is no one-size-fits-all career for each personality type because your personal interests, life goals and experiences, passions and dreams, will still be unique to you. For example, I’m an INFJ, and although I actually did consider being a health and wellness coach (the career I suggest for INFJs below), I realized I could do something similar by voice coaching and teaching private music lessons – still helping people one-on-one to reach their goals, but also using my particular talents and interest in music. I encourage you to think similarly about parallel careers to those I’ve listed that might suit you even better if the one I chose doesn’t feel like an exact fit.

Some of these careers require things like an associate’s degree, some amount of college credit, or some other non-college certification course, while others simply require the boldness to work completely outside certifications and degrees by starting a business or pursuing a creative field. Luckily, the amount of ambition or structure required should suit your personality just as much as the career itself. 

INTJ: Technical Writer

As an INTJ, you’re always looking for ways to improve things. Since you are both curious and logical, creative and rational, you can put your natural talents to use by crafting text that is easy to follow even when it’s dealing with something complex. The combination of intellectual challenge with the meaningful task of making things clear and understandable will keep your independent spirit satisfied. Find some tips for getting started here.

INTP: Graphic Designer

You are a highly innovative and philosophical person who likes solving complex problems. Graphic design offers you not only a way to put your creativity and inventiveness to use, but gives you the option to build a freelancing career that offers the flexibility and independence you crave. You’ll use both your right and left brain as you communicate with color, shape, and image. Find some tips for getting started here. 

ENTJ: Entrepreneur 

Everyone who knows you can see that you are a charismatic and confident leader. Your ambition and drive to reach your goals make you likely to succeed as an entrepreneur. With clear communication skills, you’ll be able to function very well as the head of a small or large business, and you’ll love the challenges and adventures that come with this career path. Find some tips for getting started here.

ENTP: Photographer

You are a playful and witty communicator who enjoys exploring all sides of things. As a photographer, you can use your love of finding new approaches to problems to explore both your subject and your creativity in a truly unique way. ENTPs are the most likely personality to be self-employed and earn more when self-employed than when in a standard job, and a career in photography will offer you that sense of freedom you can’t seem to live without. Find some tips for getting started here.

INFJ: Health & Wellness Coach

Everyone knows you as the girl who’s always trying to help. Compassionate and conscientious, a career in health and wellness coaching will fulfill your inner need for purpose. You’ll be able to use your creativity and imagination to design your own freelancing career, while grounding all of your pursuits in your ultimate goal of helping others. Find some tips for getting started here.

INFP: Writer

As someone who is introspective and empathetic, you yearn for creative self-expression. Pursuing a writing career could provide the perfect outlet for all of your thoughts and ideas, while also offering you the sense of purpose you’re seeking. As the most likely of all types to stay at home with their children, you’ll also love the flexibility writing gives you to work either part or full-time throughout your life. Find some tips for getting started here.

ENFJ: Personal Trainer

ENFJs are idealistic and altruistic, always looking for how they can help others improve their lives. As a personal trainer, you’ll be able to educate and motivate others to get into better shape and you’ll enjoy the social aspect as well. You’re a natural born leader, and your charisma will draw a steady stream of clients to you. Find some tips for getting started here.

ENFP: Wedding Planner

You’re an outgoing free-spirit who wants to know you’re truly making a difference. As a wedding planner, you can put your creativity to use by helping others create memorable experiences for their big day. Your optimism will keep everyone feeling confident through the whole process, and you’ll definitely find the connection and meaning you’re looking for in your career when you see smiles on the bride’s and groom’s faces as they tie the knot. Find some tips for getting started here.

ISTJ: Web Developer

You crave consistency and a career that rewards dependability. Pursuing web development will allow you to put your logical and practical skills to use, as well as your ability to get everything done on time, no matter how big the project. With your sense of responsibility, you’ll love creating clear, functional, and reliable tools for others. Find some tips for getting started here

ISFJ: Licensed Practical Nurse

As an ISFJ, you’re an introvert who loves people and wants to make life better for everyone around you. As a Licensed Practical Nurse, you can use both your warmth and perfectionism to make sure your patients are getting the best care you can provide. Your team will appreciate your incredible work ethic and attention to detail in all that you do. Find some tips for getting started here. 

ESTJ: Real Estate Agent

With your ability to follow-through and your love of structure and logic, you might enjoy being a real estate agent. You thrive when you’re working with other people, and you have the honest communication style needed to help your clients feel that they’re making the right decision for their families. Your organization skills and hard work will make sure that everything is ready and accurate come closing time. Find some tips for getting started here.

ESFJ: Dental Hygienist 

Your focus is usually on others and how to make them feel cared for, and you’re able and willing to give them advice and guidance when they need it. As a dental hygienist, your patients will love that you remember details about their families and truly do want to see the most recent pictures of their grandchildren. Working at a dental office will provide the structure and routine you enjoy, with the sense of helping others that makes you feel most fulfilled. Find some tips for getting started here.

ISTP: Jeweler

You love working with your hands, working independently, and solving practical problems. As a jeweler, you’ll enjoy the day-to-day variety of crafting different pieces mixed with the entrepreneurial tasks of running your own small business. Your ability to master your craft, combined with your love of individuality, will make your work truly stand out. Find some tips for getting started here

ISFP: Florist

As an ISFP, you’re the sort of artist who seeks beauty even in everyday things. With a career in floral design, you’ll love brightening your customers’ days with your colorful arrangements. Your creative spirit will feel right at home in a work environment that prioritizes kindness, encouragement, and imagination. Find some tips for getting started here.

ESTP: Tour Guide

Everyone knows you as the outgoing, adventurous girl with unending energy. As a tour guide, your work environment will be the coolest spots near you and you’ll get to regularly meet new people and inspire them with unique experiences. Feel free to blend this one with your love of things like hiking, scuba diving, or paragliding to get even more thrill out of your day-to-day life. Find some tips for getting started here.

ESFP: Fashion Stylist

You have an unmatched sense of style and a way of making everyone around you feel seen. As a stylist, you can be the life of the party without being the center of attention and put your creativity and eye for detail to use. Your networking abilities will come in handy as you build your client list, and you’ll love making even the seemingly toughest-to-please clients feel gorgeous. Find some tips for getting started here.

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