She's AI—Here's Why You Can't Trust Dating App Profiles Anymore

Modernity has brought catfishing to another level.

By Nicole Dominique1 min read

The AI selfies on dating app profiles are starting to look more and more realistic. Debarghya Das (Deedy), the founding engineer at Glean, reveals why you shouldn't easily trust dating app profiles.

Deedy shared photos of pretty girls taking selfies on X (formerly Twitter) – except none were real. They were all AI-generated. He captioned his post, "You cannot trust online dating app profiles again. Each of these took 5 seconds to make."

So, in the internet world, women have to be wary of men creating AI-generated nude images of them, while the guys have to worry about getting catfished. It's been found that 10% of dating profiles are fake. Deedy explained, "All of these were generated by AI," and added how he programmed Midjourney V6 to create the fake women.

As we've seen with AI influencers and celebrities, there are men out there who can't tell the difference between what's authentic and AI. I believe that those who don't frequent social media (and perhaps older individuals) may not question the images they see on dating apps and may immediately assume it's a real person. I have more hope for younger people who see a lot of AI-generated content online. Yet, Deedy's comment section includes men who can tell that the women he shared on his post were too smooth-skinned and perfect to be real. Plus, their hands were missing.

"takes 5 seconds to tell it's fake," wrote @towheretobegin.

Muratcan Koylan on X said that he made a "character and started a Hinge profile for her," and he received tons of messages from men. Interestingly, the AI woman he created was much older and had grey hair and wrinkles.

There is hope in all of this, I think. Most dating platforms seem like they're implementing additional measures to improve the safety of their users. Tinder, for example, requires identification verification to ensure that the photos on the dating app match a government-issued license or passport. Not all dating apps do this, though, which becomes a problem when there are scammers trying to prey on vulnerable men and women.

As AI evolves and its accessibility grows, I think there needs to be a collective effort from both users and websites (not just dating platforms) to become more aware of scams and AI-generated images.

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