Shawn Mendes Says Men Should Wear Crop Tops More Often: "Don't Be Afraid To Pick Them Up, Guys"

Shawn Mendes wants every man to know that crop tops look good on guys, so they should be willing to wear them more often.

By Gina Florio2 min read
Getty/Theo Wargo

Shawn Mendes' music career kicked off when he was only a teenager, and he has since become a household name, particularly among Gen Z. With hit songs like "Mercy" and "Stitches," his popularity earned him a place in the new Tommy Hilfiger fashion campaign. In a recent interview with the Evening Standard, he opened up about the clothes he loves to wear, as well as the effect that fame has had on his life.

Shawn Mendes Says Men Should Wear Crop Tops More Often Because They "Look Great"

Shawn had a very public relationship and subsequent breakup with singer Camila Cabello, and he hasn't released any new music in a couple of years. In the summer of 2022, he also decided to cancel his world tour in order to look after his mental health. But he has recently been seen on the red carpet, attending various events, and repping Tommy Hilfiger. In his Evening Standard interview, he spoke about the Tommy Hilfiger campaign in which another male model was wearing a crop top. He praised the choice and said it looked great.

“We put the crop on him and were like—hot. That’s it. Like, yes," Shawn said. "He would look amazing in anything. I think it’s just a representation of what clothing is today, you know, that masculine-feminine thing.”

In another interview that was shared across social media, he once again encouraged men to wear crop tops more often. "I also love the crop. I think the crop tops are super beautiful," he said. "They look great on men, so don't be afraid to pick them up, guys. They look good."

There has always been speculation that Shawn Mendes is gay, but just hasn't come out of the closet yet. This talk of crop tops only opened up the debate once again, resulting in many people wondering aloud whether he is keeping his sexuality a secret.

But others responded and said crop tops actually do look good on guys, and if they used to wear them in the '80s, why not bring them back?

Shawn also opened up about the culture of "celebrity obsession." He said back in the '70s and '80s, you didn't see photos of celebrities very often. Now, photos and videos are splattered all across the internet, and you can go viral on TikTok at any given time. Shawn says it changes people's perception of celebrities like him.

“If you pick your nose, and you’re wearing a weird shirt, the perception is that you wear weird shirts and pick your nose. The next day, you’re on a red carpet and in an amazing suit and, like, that’s that,” he said. “It’s really hot and cold. Understanding to not grasp onto either, and to just to kind of allow that flow to naturally happen, [is important]”.

He admits that it's "super stressful," and he feels like there is a lot of pressure to look good all the time. "Especially because I just moved to LA. I’m like, I’m gonna go to the gym, then have to think—what am I wearing to the gym?” he said. “I think that’s why I like to keep things simple. Because therefore it’s hard to mess up.”