Schools Have Been Witnessing A Scary Increase In Teen Suicide Since The Covid Lockdowns Began

The coronavirus lockdowns proved to be unsuccessful at curbing the spread of virus while also wrecking the economy. But there are many more unfortunate effects of the lockdowns that have affected teens and children.

By Gina Florio1 min read
teen suicide increasing since covid lockdown

Common sense tells us that shutting everybody in their homes for months on end and shutting down schools would have negative effects on both adults and children. As educators look back on the lockdowns, it's becoming clearer that kids have been significantly affected by the drastic measures issued by the government in an attempt to slow the spread of a virus that poses little to no threat on children.

Schools Report an Increase in Suicides Since the Covid Lockdowns Began

The CDC has found that nearly half of high school students in the U.S. reported feeling sad or hopeless in the last year, due to lockdowns and restrictions that have prevented them from living their life normally. Even worse, about one in every five teenagers considered suicide during the coronavirus pandemic.

To add some more color to these statistics, the Clark County School District has lost at least 30 students to suicide since the pandemic began. That's a devastating number, and science teacher Nick Orr at Las Vegas High School told CBS News that it has been heartbreaking to watch.

"I've had to work with our social workers more times than I can even count just because so many kids are hurting," Orr said. Schools are making an effort to discuss mental health by offering weekly emotional learning lessons.

Orr's own brother, 18-year-old Anthony, committed suicide just after he graduated in August 2020.

"If I didn't see this in my own brother, someone with whom I was living, how am I gonna see it in someone that I see for 84 minutes every other day?" Orr said. "He kept everything hidden and on his phone and, well, he didn't vocalize when he needed help." 

These devastating results just prove yet again how pointless the lockdowns have been, and how they actually do more harm than good.