Rebel Wilson Gets Candid About Gaining Weight On Her Vacation Without Feeling Guilty: "Your Weight Doesn't Define You"

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Actress Rebel Wilson has been on an incredible journey to reclaim her health and lose excess weight. She's been candid with her fans and followers throughout the whole process, which hasn't exactly been easy.

Wilson, 42, shared last year that one of the biggest motivators behind her weight-loss journey was concern about her fertility. She's lost roughly 77 pounds to date, and although she looks better than ever, she was primarily driven by her health rather than her dress size. People can't help but notice Wilson's incredible transformation, which has left her more radiant and confident than ever.

But Wilson doesn't want everyone to think that her journey is perfect. In fact, there will be setbacks along the way—and that's perfectly okay. She recently opened up about some weight gain she experienced when she was on vacation.

Rebel Wilson Gets Candid about Gaining Weight on Her Vacation without Feeling Guilty

Wilson has been documenting her amazing vacation around the world (from Turkey to Iceland to France) on her Instagram, and the sights are absolutely stunning to see.

She also found herself at an all-inclusive resort, where she's spending time out in the sun, enjoying fresh fruit by the pool, and getting dressed up fabulously for dinner. Along the way, she has experienced one of the most common vacation side effects: a little weight gain.

"I just noticed I put on 3 kg’s on my holiday 🙈 I’m at an amazing all-inclusive resort…I’ve lost all self control 😜," she joked in an Instagram caption. "But you know what? I can get up tomorrow and go to the gym, and hydrate and eat healthy and love myself."

Wilson wants all women to know that it's perfectly okay to gain a little weight when you're on vacation—the whole point is to relax and let go, after all!

"It doesn’t help to be hard on yourself but I know what it’s like to feel guilty and not great after eating too much," she wrote. "But if you’re like me just know YOU are more than just your weight, your weight doesn’t define you, just try your best to be healthy and don’t be so hard on yourself 💗 Be the best version of you."

Her message is simple: Enjoy yourself, and just know that you can always wake up the next day after your vacation and choose healthy habits once again.

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