People Can't Help But Notice Rebel Wilson’s Incredible Weight-Loss Transformation

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We all know Rebel Wilson as the funny girl in some of our favorite comedies. Over the last couple of years, though, she has embarked on an incredible weight-loss transformation that we just can't look away from.

In 2019, Rebel Wilson decided she was going to do something dramatic about her health. She wanted to make some big changes just in time for her 40th birthday in 2020. But it wasn't just about the number on the scale; this decision was about her mental health and even her fertility.

Rebel Wilson Lost 77 Pounds

The Australian actress revealed in an interview that the motivation for her weight loss came partly from concerns about her fertility. "It first started when I was looking into fertility stuff and the doctor was like, ‘Well, you’d have a much better chance if you were healthier’,” she said. “That’s kind of what started it, that if I lost some excess weight that it would give me a better chance for freezing eggs and having the eggs be a better quality. It wasn’t even really myself, it was more thinking of a future mini-me, really.”

Rebel suffered from PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) in her 20s and that caused her to gain excess weight that she wanted to shed.

She also cited mental wellness as a motivating reason behind her weight-loss journey. "I was determined in 2020 – the year of health – to actually fully change my whole entire lifestyle," she shared. "So it meant not only, like, physically but mentally as well." She also acknowledged that her emotional overeating was an unhealthy habit she wanted to kick.

Over the past 2 years, she has lost 77 pounds! She reached this incredible goal by changing her diet and simply walking. She attended an Austrian health retreat where the doctor recommended simply walking every single day, and she decided to take on this habit rather than investing her time and energy into things like heavy lifting at the gym.

At the end of the day, Rebel's weight-loss victory has nothing to do with her dress size or the number on the scale.

We Should Celebrate Rebel's Amazing Accomplishment

The popular body positive movement has become a celebration of obesity rather than what the movement originally was: a celebration of women's natural bodies that didn't fit into the size 0 supermodel mold.

Unfortunately, this new era of body positivity has vilified weight loss as if it's an unworthy goal. That's why so many women deemed Adele's incredible weight loss as a negative development; even worse, they accused those of us who praised her weight loss as "body shaming."

The weight loss that Rebel achieved is a huge accomplishment.

It's ridiculous that we even have to say this, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to prioritize your health and lose weight if you are at an unhealthy weight (which Rebel acknowledged she was). In fact, there is nothing better you can do for yourself than to choose a healthy lifestyle and focus on your physical and mental wellbeing.

Furthermore, the weight loss that Rebel achieved is a huge accomplishment, and we should celebrate her for it. It takes an immense amount of dedication, hard work, commitment, and perseverance that, frankly, most people don't have in our society today. Those qualities should be praised, and a woman who takes on those characteristics should be uplifted as a role model.

At the end of the day, Rebel's weight-loss victory has nothing to do with her dress size or the number on the scale. It's about a woman being strong enough to face her unhealthy choices and choose the difficult journey of becoming healthy and vibrant. Plus, looking more beautiful and radiant than ever is the cherry on top!

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