Alternative Doctor Rashid Buttar Dies After Claiming He Was Poisoned Following A CNN Interview

Rashid Buttar of the "Disinformation Dozen" has passed away after he was reportedly poisoned following an interview with CNN.

By Nicole Dominique2 min read
Dr Buttar

Charlotte-based osteopathic physician and alternative medicine practitioner Dr. Rashid A. Buttar died at age 57 – three days after claiming he was poisoned following an interview with CNN. Dr. Buttar was known for being a part of the digital hitlist "Disinformation Dozen," a group of individuals who supposedly produce 65% of Covid-19 vaccine "misinformation" content online. Dr. Buttar was dedicated to spreading his findings on the Covid "hoax," often appearing on podcasts and news channels.

On May 20, 2023, one of the dozen – Erin Elizabeth – announced that Dr. Buttar "died suddenly" shortly after revealing he was poisoned. "Breaking: My friend/colleague & one of the 12 of us who are the so-called #DisinformationDozen Dr Rashid Buttar, has died suddenly," Elizabeth writes on Twitter. "Just 3 days he ago announced he was poisoned after a big CNN interview. Hours after this he died. 😔. Heart goes out to-friends & family. 🙏"

According to the physician, he had been poisoned "with 200 times the amount of what's in the vaccination." "I was actually intentionally poisoned," he says, adding that he believes it happened right after the interview with CNN.

To make matters more confusing, Dr. Buttar seemingly predicted his own demise in a resurfaced video on social media. In the clip below, the physician states that it's possible "they could come" for him and reiterates that he's not depressed or suicidal. "But if you ever hear that something happened, that I died, I'm not depressed," Dr. Buttar explains. "I didn't commit suicide. I'm telling you right now that we need to stand up and fight."

He continues, "So just remember, if something happens to me, it's because I've been telling the truth. And they don't want that truth to continue going out there. But I did not kill myself. I am not depressed. I'm very happy, and I am very excited to be alive at this time in human history, because this is the sign of the times. All the stuff that is bad is going away, and all the truths are coming to light."

Dr. Buttar is one of many holistic doctors who have died under mysterious circumstances; as reported by Elizabeth, some of them have died from murders and suicides. While Dr. Buttar's death did not allegedly involve foul play and he was unvaccinated, he claimed to have a diagnosis of stroke and myocarditis back in February – symptoms often tied to mRNA shots – according to Sayer Ji of GreenMedInfo. This led others to theorize his experience is a result of "shedding," a belief that vaccinated individuals release spike proteins to the unvaccinated, though his health did improve later on.

Dr. Buttar's tragic fate, whatever the cause may be, serves as a reminder that the fight for transparency is far from over. As we mourn the loss of another passionate advocate, we must question the events surrounding his death: Is it possible that he was silenced? If so, how many more truth-tellers have to die before we unveil the truth behind this so-called "hoax"?

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