Pretty Little Liars' Lucy Hale Says "Sex With Strangers Is Not Enjoyable"

A celebrity finally dishes the truth on hookup culture. Lucy Hale goes candid on "Call Her Daddy" about intimacy and admits that "sex with strangers is not enjoyable."

By Nicole Dominique2 min read
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Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale opened up about hooking up with strangers. In the latest episode of the Call Her Daddy podcast, the actress admitted that she would get a sense of validation from men by sleeping with them.

Host Alex Cooper responds by stating that women usually rely on substances to help get them out of their shells but that it can heavily influence their choices – especially when it comes to getting physical with other people. Hale agrees, saying, "I'm even willing to say that sex drunk is not enjoyable. Sex with strangers is not enjoyable."

"Point blank," she doubles down. "It's just the truth."

The 34-year-old adds how she's been celibate for the past couple of years. "I'm learning how to be really present and, you know, choosing the people I want to be intimate with – and not everyone deserves to touch your body."

"Not everyone deserves to touch your body."

On Reclaiming Intimacy

Hale's perspective is incredibly refreshing, and it challenges the glamorized portrayal of casual hookups by the media. Liberal feminists have completely lost the plot, mistaking casual sex with men and objectifying oneself as "sexual empowerment" rather than emphasizing the importance of prioritizing emotional well-being and pursuing genuine connections. They'd rather highlight the fleeting moments of physical satisfaction with men who see them as nothing more than a sexcapade.

Women are the gatekeepers of sex; it's amazing we hold that power, and we have to ask who sold us the lie that intercourse is just a "physical act." I believe that sex is so great and intimate that it should only be reserved for the men we trust. As Hale stated, not everyone deserves your body, and as women realize how important and amazing they are, they'll be more conscientious about choosing their partners.

This idea of only allowing the man worthy of your body to touch you reminds me of one of my favorite parts in Brave New World, where a woman named Lenina offers herself to a societal outcast called John the Savage. John, who still had his morals intact in a debauched civilization, denies her advances. He recalled the tribe he grew up with and the heights the men had to reach to earn a woman. John told Lenina, “You had to bring her the skin of a mountain lion – I mean, when you wanted to marry someone. Or else a wolf.” Of course, men these days aren't expected to fight a large mammal with their bare hands to show off their worth. In those engaging in flings (which I believe doesn't represent the majority), sleazy men don't have to do anything. Some women are giving themselves up to men who do the bare minimum, and whether they know it or not, this can have dire consequences for both genders.

Is there a thrill in hookups? Sure, sometimes. But it's only short-term, and I've seen way too many of my friends get too attached to the men who saw them merely as booty calls and regret their choices later on. It's time we help each other understand that there's a sense of fulfillment in keeping decorum, embracing mystery, and only giving your body to a man who deserves it.

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