Pornstar Riley Reid Says Her Ex Didn't Want To Kiss Her When She'd Come Home From "Work," Says It Made Her Feel Like "A Disgusting Person"

A snippet of an old episode from Logan Paul's podcast featuring Riley Reid has resurfaced on TikTok. The adult film actress revealed that her ex sometimes didn't want to kiss her after she'd come home from "work."

By Nicole Dominique2 min read
Riley Reid

*This article is intended for readers 18 and older.*

A clip of pornstar Riley Reid has resurfaced on TikTok. She revealed that her ex didn't want to kiss her after she'd come home from her work, making her feel like a "disgusting person." In a video that has garnered over two million views, Reid recalls, "He made me feel like maybe I should quit [porn] and stuff. He told me that he sometimes didn't wanna kiss me when I came home from work."

Reid continues, "So, like, [it] made me feel like a disgusting person. And I'm not disgusting! It's harsh. It was so horrible when he told me that." In 2022, Reid said she thought "she hated porn" because of her "anti-porn" ex. "My ex was so anti-porn, I almost quit porn because I thought I hated porn, but then I realized I just hated him," she revealed on the No Jumper podcast.

Before marrying her now-husband in 2021, Reid took to Instagram to open up about her former relationships. She confessed, "Never have I ever had a boyfriend who was proud of my job. I’ve had two ‘normal’ boyfriends in my adult life, normal being they don’t do porn. Both of which ended in an ultimatum, porn or them." She continued, "I always chose porn. I’ve struggled with that choice, though, wondering if I’ve made the right decision."

Reid is not the only adult film actress to open up about her struggles with being a porn star. Another resurfaced video of Lana Rhoades again proves the not-so-glamorous reality behind sex work. "I'm ashamed I did porn," Rhoades informed the hosts on the TSC Him + Her Podcast. She continued, "Smart people learn from other people's mistakes. Fools learn from their own." Rhoades later added that her old porn videos made her "want to throw up."

While Reid may now be happily married with a daughter, other sex workers aren't so lucky when it comes to finding love. A study published by the NIH found that out of 55 women, 78% reported that "sex work affected their personal romantic relationships in predominantly negative ways, mainly relating to issues stemming from lying, trust, guilt and jealousy."

Additionally, 77% "of single women chose to remain single due to the nature of their work," adding, "Many women used mental separation as a coping mechanism to manage the tensions between sex work and their personal relationships." Perhaps OnlyFans isn't as "empowering" as women were taught to believe.

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