Pornhub Caught Telling Users Not To Report Child Rape Videos And Hiding This Illegal Content From Authorities

The US has a rampant issue of child rape content that is being consumed all over the internet. Pornhub has been caught red-handed not only hiding child rape videos from the authorities but also telling users not to report this kind of content.

By Gina Florio2 min read
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Over the last few years, many activists and journalists have uncovered various instances where tech companies have covered up the existence of child rape videos, allowing this kind of illegal, violent content to roam free on their platforms. Pornhub, which is ironically owned by Ethical Capital Partners, is certainly one of the biggest offenders online. The website has been caught red-handed telling users not to report child rape videos to law enforcement while also hiding these videos from authorities.

Pornhub Caught Telling Users Not To Report Child Rape Videos and Hiding This Illegal Content from Authorities

Laila Mickelwait, founder and CEO of Justice Defense Fund, shared a series of tweets exposing Pornhub and its evasion of authority. In a video from a courtroom, two representatives from North America's leading agencies confirmed that Pornhub had intentionally hidden child rape videos from law enforcement. In a line of questioning, someone from the Canadian Centre for Child Protection confirmed that Pornhub is obligated to reach out to the police if there is any content that exploits minors or would indicate a child is in danger. But for 10 years, Pornhub remained silent and was not reporting anything—until a New York Times article revealed that Pornhub was harboring child rape videos. Next, the CEO of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children confirmed the same thing. For 10 years before the NYT article, Pornhub wasn't reaching out to them to help protect any survivors of child sex abuse.

To make matters even worse, a screenshot of communication between a Sr. Community Manager for Pornhub and a user showed that the company tells people not to report child rape videos. Katie, the community manager for Pornhub and YouPorn, responded to an anonymous user who expressed concern about child rape videos.

"I don't see why it's a bad thing to report it to Pornhub though," the user said. "I want them to remove the videos. They have hundreds of thousands of collective views. There's only so much a law enforcement agency can do, they might very feasibly not be able to do anything. At least Pornhub can do us all the justice of not hosting the videos."

"These videos are on one of the most popular websites on the planet. Personally I think that that, in itself, is a problem worth spending two or three clips to try and reverse. It's so bizarre to me that this has received a negative reaction. It's so weird," the user concluded.

"You don't need to report the urls to an agency," Katie responded. "Just flag them it email the urls on It's very likely that if they aren't removed it's because it's not illegal content."

Laila also shares stories of minors who were raped and beaten on videotape for everyone to see on Pornhub, and the company did nothing about it.

This kind of trafficking is entirely ignored by porn sites such as Pornhub. Thankfully, activists like Laila are here to expose this illegal activity and raise awareness about how these porn sites exploit children.