Pierce Brosnan's Devotion To His Wife Is One Of The Most Romantic Things To Ever Come Out Of Hollywood

By Gina Florio
·  3 min read
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There is no shortage of divorce and heartbreak in Hollywood. In fact, it's rare to see couples that stay together for the long haul. But James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan and his wife have been married since 2001, and his love for her seems to grow bigger every year.

We've seen our fair share of divorces from the most handsome men in Hollywood, such as Brad Pitt, Channing Tatum, and Ben Affleck. When an A-list celebrity couple gets married, many people don't even wonder if they'll break up, but rather when. Although some have moved on to have perfectly successful marriages (like Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively), it's all too common to see yet another headline about divorce from a well-known celebrity. Irish actor Pierce Brosnan, best known for his James Bond role, is cut from a different cloth, though. He has been married to his wife since 2001, yet their solid relationship seems to fly under the radar in a celebrity culture that always seems to find someone to talk about.

Pierce Brosnan's Devotion to His Wife Is One of the Most Romantic Things To Ever Come Out of Hollywood

In 1994, Pierce met Keely Shaye Smith, who began her career as a model and actress before becoming a filmmaker and journalist. She was an entertainment correspondent on Entertainment Tonight and Today, and she eventually started making documentaries about protecting marine life in the oceans and how to engage in safe environmental practices in Hawaii. The couple quickly fell in love, and Keely remembers Pierce being "an appealing man" who is "intelligent, captivating" and "appreciates women."

Their first date was simple: They sat under the stars and talked until 3 a.m. There were fireworks going off above them, and they held hands as they got to know each other. "I found a great woman in Keely Shaye. Not if I searched a million times over would I find one as good," Pierce once told PEOPLE.

Keely is Pierce's second wife, but not many know that his first wife, Australian actress Cassandra Smith, died of ovarian cancer in 1991. Sadly, their daughter, Charlotte, also passed away from ovarian cancer in 2013, and she was only 41 years old. Keely helped Pierce mourn his first wife and move past the grief. He has said in interviews that Keely encouraged him to properly mourn his first wife, which helped him move on. Keely and Pierce share two sons, Dylan and Paris, who are both models and actors.

Over the years, Keely has been criticized in the press about the way she looks. She may have gained some weight over the years, but that hasn't affected Pierce's love for her at all. Keely has been offered weight-loss surgery before, but Pierce said, "I strongly love every curve of her body. She is the most beautiful woman in my eyes." He says their love has only grown over the years and become deeper from raising two boys together. "I always seek to be worthy of her love," he said.

Fans highlight the fact that Pierce has never been involved in any kind of scandal and hope that it remains that way.

"I hope Pierce Brosnan never has any type of scandal or some sh*t," Twitter user @IAmRogalDorn said. "Cause this is still the most 'chad' and alpha sh*t I have seen out of a male celebrity."

In a toxic culture where "alpha males" run through multiple women and either never get married or marry multiple times, Pierce proves that he really is one of the most "chad" family guys to ever emerge from Hollywood.