People Are Shocked At Zoë Kravitz's Face Transformation: "It's Giving Tim Burton's Corpse Bride"

People are stunned by Zoë Kravitz's face transformation, with one aesthetics doctor speculating about the procedures she's undergone.

By Nicole Dominique2 min read
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There's a trend of female celebrities running to the clinic to diminish their feminine traits. Last year, the buccal fat removal procedure made headlines after people noticed several A-listers appearing more gaunt than usual. Here's an example: Erin Moriarity went viral on social media after her fans noticed how different she looked in the newest season of The Boys compared to the first one. Moriarty once had a girly and round face, but now her cheeks are more hollow, fueling plastic surgery rumors. Given how a lot of celebs have sharp jawlines and striking features, it makes sense why so many women would be swayed to go under the knife.

Zoë Kravitz is another celebrity speculated to have gotten the buccal fat removal procedure. Viewers were stunned when The Batman star attended Paris Fashion Week in late September looking sharper and more chiseled than she already was. "Oh, my god, what did she do?" TikToker @murderhoney says about the actress in a viral video. "She's giving me Tim Burton's Corpse's Bride look. These celebrities need to start naming their doctors [and] who's doing this to them."

While Kravitz has never admitted to getting plastic surgery, cosmetic doctors theorize that she likely got work done. Dr. Jonny Betteridge, founder of JB Aesthetics, says he was "shocked" by Kravitz's facial transformation and explains how surgeons sometimes go overboard with their work. "When you have treatments done in your face – surgery or nonsurgical treatments – that are done inappropriately, or the practitioner surgeon chooses the wrong treatments for you, it can detract away from your natural beauty."

There's no denying that the actress has transformed throughout the years. Her face was much rounder when she was younger. The photo below shows an incredible before-and-after of Kravitz: The left image is from 2014, and on the right is a more recent picture. Is it possible she just lost the baby fat?


Dr. Betteridge gives his opinion on the matter. He shares a photo of Kravitz from 2020 when she had a softer, heart-shaped face – three years isn't a very long time, so it's possible she did undergo several procedures. "And if you look at her now, it's changed quite dramatically into a much harsher, more angular appearance, which actually masculinizes her face," Dr. Betteridge says, later adding, "I think she's had buccal fat removal, definitely a chin implant, you can tell by the change in the contour of the lower face. And her cheeks have become much more exaggerated as well as the jawline area as well."

The buccal fat removal surgery may have you feeling like a model that belongs on the front cover of magazines, but let's not forget how it only ages you as get older. Unfortunately, cosmetic doctors care more about profit than enhancing their customers' beauty or their well-being. Kravitz was already beautiful (still is), and there was no need for her to get anything done. Dr. Betterdige agrees. He says, "For me, I think this is taking treatments a little bit too far."

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