Did Erin Moriarty Get Plastic Surgery? Fans Are Shocked To See The Before-And-Afters Of 'The Boys' Actress

"The Boys" actress Erin Moriarty (who plays the character Starlight) has fueled plastic surgery rumors after her before-and-after images circulated online.

By Nicole Dominique2 min read
Erin Moriarty

The Boys actress Erin Moriarty has fueled plastic surgery rumors after social media users posted her before-and-after pictures online. The 28-year-old – who used to have rounder, plump cheeks – now boasts sharper cheekbones and fuller lips. But Moriarty has neither confirmed nor denied these allegations, so it's difficult to say whether or not she did go under the knife.

Reddit and Twitter users are speculating that Moriarty underwent the infamous buccal fat removal procedure, in which the fat pads in the face are surgically removed. "ban buccal fat removal for young celebs pls and thanks," writes @yusrak. 

@SnooRabbits5053 adds, "it’s so bad. all it does is make you look older, and i feel like it only ever looks good on certain people anyways. my cheeks are so chubby and i used to want buccal fat removal, but after seeing how it looks over time, i’m good!"

"Buccal fat pad removal has got to be one of the worst procedures trending right now. Your face needs that fat pad as you age," says @hominyhummus.

The Boys premiered its first season back in 2019 when Moriarty shot to fame. People can't help but notice and bring up how different her appearance is now. "Isn't it gonna be weird when The Boys season 4 arrives and Starlight looks like this and none of the characters comment on it or [acknowledge] it?" someone asks. 

The buccal fat removal procedure has been popularized by influencers and celebrities. Many stars have been spotted with hollow cheeks and defined facial features, but most individuals are currently not in favor of the trend. Some doctors have even criticized the procedure, stating that it has the potential to make someone appear much older.

Dallas surgeon Dr. Rod Rohrich suggests that the fat in the face diminishes with age, adding that "in most cases, you should not remove it," and explains how "fat in the face is precious." Plastic surgeon Dr. Steven M. Levine echoes his thoughts, saying, “If you’re talking about doing this surgery on a 25-year-old looking for that whistle look – I’d advise against that in almost all cases."

He adds, “When you’re taking out buccal fat, it can be hard to judge exactly how much to remove to create enough of a difference without making someone too gaunt."

We're not sure if Erin Moriarty did get buccal fat removal or if she simply lost weight. Luckily, she remains beautiful on screen – but we hope the trend doesn't end up influencing impressionable women to go under the knife.

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