Pearl Davis's Worst Takes And Tweets Of All Time

Pearl Davis has a Ph.D. in rage-baiting – here are her worst takes of all time.

By Nicole Dominique4 min read
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The most notorious female commentator in the toxic online manosphere is Hannah Pearl Davis. For those out of the loop, you can read more about her here.

Many have ignited debate and controversy online, of course, but Pearl is the queen of rage-baiting. People have deservedly dubbed her the "female Andrew Tate." Her polarizing views on the gender discourse continue to fuel the men vs women war, which, ironically, is exactly what liberal feminists do by spouting their disdain for men – a group that she opposes. Naturally, Pearl has amassed a significant following on YouTube and X (formerly Twitter) but has garnered a bunch of haters as well.

Let me add that I don’t know what Pearl is like in real life. I’d like to think she’s kinder in person and that she doesn’t actually believe in the harmful things that she says about women and relationships. I imagine that her source of income is through social media, and what better way to get engagement than to say outrageous things that make people angry? Yet, money doesn’t excuse poor behavior. Especially if that behavior can lead to the normalization of pedophilia, infidelity, or misogyny. Some of Pearl's most contentious statements seem like they do all those things, and while I recognize that there are far more people who disagree with her, it's still concerning to think that there are men who take her advice.

Nevertheless, here are Pearl's worst takes of all time.

Cheating Is Not a Big Deal

Pearl doesn't really see infidelity as a dealbreaker and even encourages women to try to "work things out" with their cheating husbands rather than divorcing. "It’s better to mentally accept that your husband may cheat and you’re willing to work through it than mentally believe it is the worst thing ever. Infidelity is one of the leading causes of divorce. These things can and should be worked through," she tweeted.


In an episode with YouTuber Destiny, Pearl claimed, "I actually think that, like, women like to be cheated on." Huh?

She shared a horrific story about her friend's dad, who cheated on his wife, and how she forgave him. Pearl said her friend was grateful that the mom allowed herself to get disrespected, ultimately resulting in her death from a heart attack while in her husband's arms. "Was he just a terrible person with no morals that couldn't keep his word?" Pearl asked her audience. "It's that black and white huh conservatives? Grounds for divorce right?" Yes, Pearl. It's grounds for divorce. I'm not sure how that terrible retelling was supposed to convince people that cheating is okay.


That's not all – according to Pearl, if your man cheats on you and gives you an STD, you should stay. Last week, she wrote, "I often hear the argument that 'what if your husband cheats on you and gives you an incurable STD?' I would say you should stay even more bc who will date you with an incurable STD."

Whether she realizes it or not, these tweets give men the okay to lie, cheat, and mistreat their wives. Pearl also claims to be Catholic, so it's odd how she's enabling adultery in relationships when it's considered a sin.

Pearl's Inappropriate Takes on Minors

Some of Pearl's tweets about teenagers are incredibly concerning, and it's disgusting to see the men who agree with her on them. One of her most infamous tweets reads, "16 year old chicks are hotter than 26 year old chicks," which basically signals to men that they should be sexually attracted to minors instead of adult women.


Someone on Reddit took screenshots of the comments from men who responded to Pearl's insane claim. One of them wrote, "16 is the most common age of consent in the West (used to be 13 until feminist programming), many countries still being under that. Also 13 year olds and up are NOT CHILDREN, by definition. P3dos are attracted to children, like pre-pubescent, which is a mental disorder at best."

Here's another example:


These are the types of people that she's enabling, and we should be concerned.

In a post where Pearl seems to reference the prophet Muhammad, she wrote, "Others are saying it is ok he screwed a 9 year old bc it was a different time. OK I COULD GET MAYBE 13 OR 12 BUT 9 !!!!" Everyone who liked the tweet should be placed on a list.

The Downplaying of Domestic Abuse

"Women are not getting abused left, right, and center. [In] most abusive situations, the parties are abusing each other," Pearl has said.

"Sorry, guys, but you attract what you are." She appeared to double down on her statement, writing on X, "Was he really abusive or did you bring abuse out of him?"

In domestic abuse, one person has control over the other. They will manipulate, intimidate, and bully their victim. It's a pattern of behavior where they have power over someone else. What Pearl is discussing is domestic violence, which is not justified for either partner. As someone who has witnessed the mistreatment of loved ones by men in their lives, it genuinely hurts to hear Pearl downplay domestic abuse. Victims of abuse already grapple with immense fear and feel they can't speak out. Bold statements like "women are not getting abused left, right, and center" only perpetuate the harmful idea that victims' experiences are invalid. It minimizes their suffering and reinforces their belief that they will not be seen, making them feel even more powerless.

You’re Only Hot in Your 20s

Pearl loves to talk about how women lose their physical beauty as they age. She'll say things like, "I love watching old women seething at the fact that their beauty is pretty much gone. Stop crying and accept!" She insists that women over 30 can't be sexy, even though there are countless women in their 30s who look absolutely stunning.

A Marriage Is Not Equal, Apparently 

If you're a married man and ever say, "Let me ask my wife," you might be a beta. Consulting with your wife should not be a thing in a marriage, because she's a secretary, and you should treat her like she's below you (I kid).

Even Matt Walsh disagreed with Pearl's take.


Closing Thoughts

I’m sure you get the point. Naming all of Pearl’s takes would take me weeks.

The problem with influential figures like Pearl is that she can shape the perceptions of her male audience, thereby normalizing unhealthy relationship dynamics where the woman is belittled. I don’t disagree that our physical beauty changes once we get older, yet Pearl's comments regarding age and beauty perpetuate societal pressures that are already so pervasive in our society. These days, teenagers are feeling pressured to take part in anti-aging routines to defy lines and wrinkles. Pearl also fortifies the idea that a person’s worth diminishes as they age, which is simply not true.

When internet personalities post their chaotic and inappropriate take on minors, women, and relationships, they validate harmful ideologies. Every positive comment, like, retweet, TikTok edit, and reshare spreads these ideas and cements them, and it allows people to be misogynistic. The gender wars will only get worse if this continues, and more men and women will be single, bitter, and unhappy.

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