The Paris Climate Agreement Is Really A Trojan Horse Towards Global Tyranny

The idealistic goal of “environmental justice” is in actuality a smokescreen used by globalists to hide their true goal: the concentration of power in the hands of a one-world political body.

By S.G. Cheah3 min read
The Paris Climate Agreement Is Really A Trojan Horse Towards Global Tyranny

Quick! Answer this question: Is climate change racist? If you’re from the same Socialist school as the popular Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, then yes, it would seem that climate change is indeed synonymous with racism. Crazy, I know. But what’s even worse is the supposed “solution” to combat this “climate injustice”– the Paris Climate Agreement. 

The Centralization of Power

It’s important to know that the Paris Climate Agreement isn’t the first attempt of power-hungry international bureaucrats to round up the independence of all sovereign states into a centralized system of worldwide control. Back in the ‘90s, there was the attempted rollout of the Kyoto Protocol, another form of climate tyranny. 

The Kyoto Protocol was an attempt to legally bind nations all over the world to a “climate treaty,” whereby nations that signed the treaty were required to run their economies based on the United Nations’ recommendations of cutting the global emission of greenhouse gases. Fortunately, the Kyoto Protocol was unsuccessful, and the world narrowly escaped the despotic rule of the often pointless (and constantly corrupted) United Nations. 

Taking Orders from a Global Committee 

When political power is centralized, economic power can similarly be centralized too. In the case of the failed Kyoto Protocol and its reincarnated version of the Paris Climate Accord, signing the agreement means allowing a global committee to dictate to your government how to run your country. This global committee, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is clearly problematic since they aren’t elected by the citizenry. 

When you give up your sovereignty, you also give up your rights.

We are, however, required to submit and surrender our national autonomy to the rules and regulations that are enacted by this global government. As a country, the danger of losing our autonomous sovereignty is troubling. Why? Because when you give up your sovereignty, you also give up your rights. In the case of the Paris Agreement, America will essentially lose the right to run its economy however it sees fit. 

Eco Tyranny is Real 

The Paris Agreement is sold to the worldwide public as a grand plan to finally curb greenhouse gasses emissions. According to the UNFCCC, the Paris Agreement will “bring all nations into a common cause to undertake ambitious efforts to combat climate change and adapt to its effects. Implementation of the Paris Agreement requires economic and social transformation, based on the best available science.” 

Developed nations must cut down on carbon emissions while developing nations can emit more. 

Stripping away the inspirational tone used to sell this treaty, in plain language, the Paris Agreement demands that the nations signing the treaty abide by the rules and guidelines that are set by the UNFCCC. Like the Kyoto Protocol, countries are divided into “developed” and “developing” nations, whereby developed nations (like America) have to cut down on carbon emissions while developing nations (like China) are allowed to emit more carbon output. 

Pointless and Useless, Like Everything Else from the United Nations

On top of that, developed countries will also provide about $100 billion in aid every year to developing nations to help create and improve their energy structure and technological development and transfer before 2025. China is designated as one of these “developing nations.” Remember AOC’s crazed declaration of environmental justice? This is it. 

Essentially, the Paris Climate Agreement will force America to not only cripple its own economy in the name of “helping the climate,” but we will also have to pay for other countries like China to keep polluting. This absurdity is magnified because China is by far the largest polluter on the planet. How bad are China’s greenhouse gas emissions? More than every single developed nation combined.

China emits more greenhouse gases than every single developed nation combined.

What’s the point of even going into a treaty to combat climate change if the biggest polluter on the planet is allowed to continually emit massive amounts of greenhouse gases after all? How does allowing China to endlessly pollute the environment supposedly help save our planet? Moreover, America had already achieved the targeted lower carbon emissions with our fracking technology, without even being part of the Paris Agreement. 

Brainwashing the Young for Future Enslavement

But the absurdity of the Paris Agreement doesn’t just stop at imposing economic devastation on America. More absurd still is how another part of the Paris Agreement involves the demand to include the teaching of propaganda for environmental activism in our schools. 

The Climate Agreement will teach children how to protest for climate action in school curricula.

As if teaching Critical Race Theory isn’t bad enough, the Climate Agreement will force children to also learn how to protest for climate action. For years, children have been traumatized by the constant warnings of cataclysmic climate disasters. Parents talk about their children being haunted by nightmares over the constant climate catastrophes taught at school. Now, the climate alarmists, through the Paris Agreement, will be able to force countries to sign up to curriculum commitments which “brainwash kids into one side of science.”

Closing Thoughts

Throughout the decades, there have been many attempts by a class of internationalists to create a worldwide political structure. This time, the attempt to establish a global superstate is exploiting the public’s climate hysteria as a way to centralize their power. 

Intentionally destroying the economy and indoctrinating children might seem like a crazy endeavor that’s too far-fetched to be true – that is, until you realize that it has historically occurred multiple times under the rule of Communist dictators like Stalin and Mao. Perhaps this would explain why the Paris Climate Agreement leans favorably in China’s interest. It does make sense that the United Nations would enact a treaty that is favorable towards their fellow Communist state.

Like how personal freedom will be severely undermined under a Socialist system, the concept of national sovereignty will always be under attack from the United Nations. And the Paris Climate Agreement is yet another leash that’ll lead us towards global eco-tyranny. 

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