Olivia Culpo Advocates For Endometriosis Awareness On The Anniversary Of Her Surgery

Former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo is using her platform to raise awareness for endometriosis, a painful reproductive disorder that she herself suffered from.

By Paula Gallagher1 min read
Olivia Culpo Advocates For Endometriosis Awareness On The Anniversary Of Her Surgery shutterstock

One year ago, Olivia Culpo underwent surgery to remove endometriosis and resolve her excruciatingly painful periods. She shared about her experience and surgery on Instagram, and today, she shared an anniversary post. 

Culpo wrote, “I can’t believe it’s been one year since my life-changing endometriosis surgery! This disease wreaked havoc on my life mentally and physically. I was consistently told ‘painful periods are normal’ or worse, I was made to feel that I was being dramatic when my monthly cycle came and I was in such agony I truly couldn’t function.”

Culpo continued, “Because of the endo community, I found a lot of my answers on the internet and my symptoms were validated. I wasn’t being crazy or dramatic – I was truly suffering from something serious and what I saw online gave me the courage to put my foot down and not take no for an answer. One year later I am lucky enough to have had help from @drvilasagar_endosurgeon and my health has made a complete 180!!!”

Culpo underwent an excision surgery with Smitha Vilasagar, MD, FACOG. Excision means the endometriosis is cut out, as opposed to cauterized, and it has the highest success rate for resolving symptoms and for preventing the endometriosis from returning. 

Culpo further wrote, “I promised myself after going through my experience I would use my platform to provide information and support to those suffering with this condition or trying to find answers around their menstrual health. So to anyone out there suffering without answers, you are not alone and your health is worth fighting for.” 

She concluded, “The average diagnosis for endometriosis is 7-10 years and that is something that takes away from a person's ability to live the life they want and in some cases irreversibly affects their fertility. Unfortunately, some women never get the help + the answers they need, and that is something I hope posts like this can help. Advocate for your health and if something feels wrong, don’t take ‘no’ for an answer. Painful periods are not normal. I love you guys so much and really hope this helps someone else out there!”

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