New Photos From "Snow White" Live Action Remake Reveal A Politically Correct Version Of The 7 Dwarfs

Snow White is being portrayed by a Latina actress and the seven dwarfs are portrayed by full-sized adults, after there was much pushback against the idea of hiring dwarfs to play the characters.

By Gina Florio2 min read
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We've seen a variety of stories, movies, and TV shows remade in Hollywood, only to come back with an unnecessarily progressive twist. Everything from Gossip Girl to the Anne Boleyn story has been twisted to fit a woke narrative, replacing previously white characters or historical figures with minorities in order to make a statement about racism and oppression. Disney has been leading this charge; its latest remake of The Little Mermaid featured a black actress replacing the lead role of Ariel, who was originally fair-skinned and redheaded. Now they're giving the classic princess Snow White a makeover.

New Photos from "Snow White" Live Action Remake Reveal a Politically Correct Version of the 7 Dwarfs

The upcoming live-action remake of Disney's classic Snow White is embracing a more politically correct approach, sparking a flurry of discussions among fans and critics alike. In a fresh twist to the classic tale, the seven dwarves from the original narrative have been replaced with a diverse ensemble of "magical creatures." This significant change is part of Disney's effort to navigate the complex terrain of contemporary socio-political expectations, as the studio seeks to balance tradition with the growing demand for more inclusive and non-stereotypical representations.

The film's first exclusive images feature Snow White, played by Rachel Zegler, accompanied by her new companions. Decked in vibrant attire and carrying work tools, the group seems to be a medley of genders, ethnicities, and heights. This reimagining has been undertaken by Disney to avoid reinforcing stereotypes, a decision that gained momentum after Peter Dinklage, renowned Game of Thrones actor, criticized the original story's portrayal of dwarf characters.

The casting of Zegler, a Latina actress, as the traditionally fair-skinned German princess, also stirred conversations. However, Zegler addressed the controversy, stating that the story needed refreshing. "People are making these jokes about ours being the PC Snow White... yeah, it is, because it needed that," she said.

Co-written by Greta Gerwig, known for her work on Barbie, the upcoming adaptation will focus on a stronger, more ambitious Snow White. It forgoes the character of Prince Charming, emphasizing Snow White's dreams of leadership, thereby reflecting Disney's evolving approach toward its female characters.

However, the re-envisioning has not come without criticism. Peter Dinklage's concerns about the original story were echoed by the Restricted Growth Association and other members of the dwarfism community. The original portrayal of dwarves was criticized for reinforcing harmful stereotypes, not just in their physical attributes but also in the names and characteristics assigned to them, such as Dopey and Bashful.

Disney responded to the critique, stating it had consulted with members of the dwarfism community during the early stages of production. In a bid to move away from the problematic stereotypes, the company announced its new direction for the characters previously known as the seven dwarfs. "We are taking a different approach with these seven characters," a spokesperson said.

Despite the controversy, the upcoming Snow White film represents an attempt by Disney to reflect the changing norms and expectations of society. It highlights the ongoing efforts to create a supposedly inclusive media landscape, but while the studio producers are concerned with political correctness, they have forgotten that this play hasn't been going so well with audiences. In fact, most people are downright sick of these politically correct remakes. The Little Mermaid had a disappointing outcome and barely broke even at the box office; many fans also expressed their disdain at the rewrite of the story, which squashed Prince Eric's character and made him look weak. This new version of Snow White promises to eliminate the classic love story altogether even though these princess fairytales revolved around the romance. Many fans say that there was never any need to remake this traditional story, especially because the rewrite got rid of some of the most entertaining characters (namely, the dwarfs). Hollywood hasn't learned their lesson yet. It seems as though they will continue making the same kind of politically correct rewrites in order to appease the progressive crowd, even if it means they lose money at the box office.