Natalie Portman Says Chris Hemsworth "Didn't Eat Meat" On The Day They Kissed In 'Thor 4' Because She's Vegan

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Chris Hemsworth returned to the big screen for Marvel's latest installment "Thor: Love and Thunder," and Natalie Portman came back as well to revive her role as Jane Foster.

This time around, though, Natalie's character was a little different—she claimed Thor's hammer and became the superhero. She and Chris shared an on-screen kiss, and he apparently made a change in his diet the morning of their smooch out of respect for her.

Natalie Portman Says Chris Hemsworth "Didn't Eat Meat" on the Day They Kissed Because She's Vegan

Natalie has been vegan for a long time while Chris is anything but. However, he wanted to respect her diet choices before they locked lips. In an interview with Capital FM, Natalie recalled her experience on set.

“The day we had a kiss scene, [Hemsworth] didn’t eat meat that morning because I’m vegan,” she said. “He eats meat like every half hour. That was so thoughtful... That’s not something I’m angry about or care about, but he was just being thoughtful. He’s a very nice person.”

Tessa Thompson, another cast member of Thor 4, responded, "That's really sweet." She also joked that Chris can hardly go a few minutes without eating meat, quipping that he eats bison for breakfast.

In the same interview, Natalie talked about how exciting it was to become a superhero. “To get to be a superhero at all is such a rare opportunity,” she continued. “Certainly getting to be one as you’re turning 40 is pretty much unheard of. It’s not anything that I dreamt I would get to do.”

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