More Ghislaine Maxwell Documents To Be Unsealed, Including Clinton Foundation Docs

By Paula Gallagher··  2 min read
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More Ghislaine Maxwell Documents To Be Unsealed, Including Clinton Foundation Docs

Judge Loretta Preska ruled Thursday that dozens more documents about Ghislaine Maxwell's personal affairs should be made public over the next two weeks.

These documents are part of the materials from Virginia Roberts Giuffre’s 2016 defamation lawsuit and will include some of Maxwell’s financial records, tax returns, and balance sheets and financial statements for companies she controlled, including “funding received from the Clinton Global Initiative and the Clinton Foundation.”

The court filing reads: “From January 2012 to the present, produce all documents concerning any source of funding for the TarraMar Project [Maxwell's nonprofit] or any other not-for-profit entities with which you are associated, including but not limited to, funding received from the Clinton Global Initiative, the Clinton Foundation (a/k/a William J. Clinton Foundation, a/k/a/ the Bill, Hilary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation), and the Clinton Foundation Climate Change Initiative.”

It’s unknown at this time what kind of connection with Bill and Hillary Clinton the documents will prove. Bill Clinton’s personal connection with both Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein was closely analyzed after Epstein was arrested in July 2019. There’s proof that Clinton flew on Epstein’s plane, the “Lolita Express,” dozens of times, and one photograph shows Chauntae Davies, one of Epstein’s victims, massaging his neck.

Other documents that will be unsealed relate to Giuffre’s request for Maxwell’s secret email accounts (which she allegedly hid from the court) to be made public. 

In a publicly available filing, Giuffre’s lawyers state: “Ms. Giuffre is aware of two email addresses that appear to be the email addresses defendant used while Ms. Giuffre was with defendant and Epstein, namely, from 2000-2002. Defendant has denied that she used those accounts to communicate, but she has not disclosed the account she did use to communicate during that time, nor produce documents from it.”

One of the emails that has already been made public shows that Prince Andrew emailed Maxwell on January 3, 2015 about Giuffre.

He wrote, “Let me know when we can talk. Got some specific questions to ask you about Virginia Roberts.” Maxwell replied, “Have some info. Call me when you have a moment.”

Giuffre claims Prince Andrew is among the men who abused and raped her after she was recruited by Maxwell at 16. Prince Andrew denies the allegations.

Judge Loretta Preska decreed that unsealing these documents won’t damage Maxwell’s right to a fair trial in November. Maxwell has been charged with sex trafficking conspiracy and perjury, among other charges. She has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

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