Ghislaine Maxwell 2016 Court Documents Have Been Unsealed

By Paula Gallagher
·  1 min read
Ghislaine Maxwell Instagram 2016 deposition

Ghislaine Maxwell’s deposition from the 2016 civil defamation lawsuit filed by Virginia Guiffre against Jeffrey Epstein has been unsealed.

After overcoming an appeal, the 418-page transcript of the seven-hour deposition has been released. While the document is redacted, you can read enough to see Maxwell refusing to answer or evading answering many of the questions put to her.

Maxwell also allegedly made statements in the deposition about “consensual, intimate conduct with other adults.”

ghislaine maxwell 2016 deposition

Maxwell was arrested in July 2020 and charged with six counts of trafficking minors, who were abused by herself and by Jeffrey Epstein. She was also charged with perjury for lying about Epstein’s sexual behavior in this 2016 deposition.

Read the whole unsealed document here. Read the abridged version here.

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