Moms On TikTok Reveal The Names They Regret Giving Their Kids

Baby name regret is a real phenomenon after all! Kylie Jenner has confessed to disliking the name she chose for her baby boy, Wolf. But she’s not the only mom who wishes they could go back in time to choose a different name.

By Nicole Dominique2 min read
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Recently, Kylie Jenner admitted to regretting the name she chose for her baby and added that she “felt pressured” at the hospital after she gave birth. Her son’s name (which is currently in the process of being changed) is “Wolf,” and though it’s uncommon, it’s not exactly an outrageous choice for a major celebrity. The biggest stars are known for choosing the most unusual names for their kids. For example, we’ve got Ed Sheeran’s child, Lyra Antarctica, and Elon Musk and Grimes' son, X Æ A-Xii, and these are just a few of the weirdest ones out there!

Still, the idea of “baby name regret” hasn't really been discussed enough – until one influencer, Gabby Lamb, asked the parents of TikTok: “Do you ever regret what you named your kid?” Lamb’s video gave rise to the confessions of loving moms who shared their stories of regret.


“That would be me,” Jen says in response to the question. “Not only did I regret it, we just changed his name when he was 18 months old.” Jen says she expected her second son to be an “outdoorsy boy” just like his dad and older brother. This prompted her to look up “outdoorsy baby boy names” on Pinterest, which led her to the name “Aspen.” And you have to admit, Aspen is a nice title for someone who is fond of nature. “We were like, that’s such a cool name! And it is a super cool name – for someone else,” she adds. 

Apparently, her little boy would get sick at Chick-fila-A drive-thrus and “gags” at the “thought of a blueberry.” On his first birthday, Jen says he “lost his ever-loving mind” when his toe touched his birthday cake. Plus, he loves the comfort of the AC and sitting down. Since her sweet and cuddly boy’s name didn’t seem to match the name "Aspen,” Jen decided to change it. “He’s just a little light, he’s just the sweetest little boy. So we chose a name that means ‘light,’ which is ‘Luke,’” she says.


“I named my son Aybel because I thought it was a strong, good, biblical name,” Monie says. “I absolutely love his name, and he suits it.” Monie shares a quick photo of her handsome son in her video. She admits that her only regret when it comes to the name she chose is how it’s spelled. Traditionally, Aybel is spelled A-B-E-L, but she spells it as A-Y-B-E-L. “But then people couldn’t grasp how to pronounce his name, and they would call him ‘I-Bell.’” 

Monie’s regret doesn’t stop there: “The other regret though is that he has a long ass f*cking name. We are islanders anyway, and generally, names are pretty long,” she says. Understandably, Monie decides to leave this information out, but she says his name is so long that it doesn’t fit on government forms.


“If I could go back, I would probably change my oldest daughter’s name,” Stephanie says. During her first marriage, Stephanie made a deal with her then-husband: If it was a boy, she got to choose the name. If it was a girl, he got to decide what to call her. Stephanie ended up giving birth to a beautiful girl. “So my oldest daughter’s name is Shaolin,” she says. “Not like the monks, but like the Wu-Tang Clan.” In 2015, the hip-hop group released their album, Once Upon A Time In Shaolin, and it was the most expensive work of music ever sold. That doesn’t change the fact that Stephanie wishes she had “put her foot down more,” though. 


Katy’s response to the question came without hesitation. “Oh yeah, big time,” she starts off saying. “I mean, I had them when I was 18, but now I feel like, with all my other kids, I have to name them not-so-good names.” The name in question is “Carson James,” which she reveals in another video. In a third TikTok, she says “Connor” is the name she wishes she had chosen instead. 

Closing Thoughts

These names aren’t too bad at all! Many of the comments in these women’s videos shared the same sentiment, which most likely gave comfort to the moms who felt some remorse for the names they chose. Luckily, the kids always have the option to change their names if they decide to do so in the future.

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