Michael B. Jordan Rumored To Star In Live-Action "Hercules"

Representation matters, just not for redheads or Greek people.

By Nicole Dominique1 min read
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Hercules/Disney Getty/DimitriosKambouris

I don't think the House of Mouse can read the room. Months after people showed their dissatisfaction with the new Snow White's direction, they're now reportedly working on a Hercules remake. According to Inside The Magic, Disney wants to cast Marvel star Michael B. Jordan as the Greek demigod.

The outlet has stated that this news is unconfirmed, but given how Disney has turned into a rage-baiting machine by swapping out redheads with POC (rather than creating new stories for them), I wouldn't be surprised if Jordan does get cast as Hercules. However, the rumor mill is already rampant on X, and people are not happy. "I love MBJ but there is one problem, HE’s NOT GREEK!" writes @freecubaamerican.

"Rather than Disney hijacking historical white character stories why don’t they just create new ones with new stories?🤦🏻‍♂️" asks @ContrarianTribe. "Would this not make more sense?🤔"

Not only are people sick and tired of the Disney remakes, but they're also done with the poor casting choices. When Florence Pugh made headlines after she was rumored to play Rapunzel in the live-action adaptation, the audience wasn't too pleased about it either because she was "too old." Others mentioned how they were tired of seeing the same stars over and over again.

An analyst and YouTuber Valliant Renegade estimated that the Walt Disney Company suffered a box office loss of approximately $900 million in the previous year after releasing numerous woke flops. Yet, despite viewers' outrage, Disney has reported that its Q3 earnings for 2023 were $22.3 billion, a 4% growth from the previous year. They highlighted some of their successes on their website, including the company's restructuring and the "restoring creativity to the center of the business." Interesting – I've yet to see that spark of creativity within Disney.

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