"Mean Girls" In TikToker's Viral Baseball Game Video Get Doxxed—But Did The Internet Go Too Far?

@jackielabonita made a viral video on TikTok of two "mean girls" who "made fun" of her at a baseball game, prompting the internet to go on a witch hunt and dox them.

By Nicole Dominique2 min read

By now, you've probably seen the infamous "mean girls" at a recent baseball game on social media. On April 22, a TikToker, @jackielabonita, uploaded a video of two young women who "made fun" of her. The clip now has nearly 35 million views, 6.6 million likes, and over 50,000 shares – in other words, it's gone insanely viral, and the girls can no longer escape the internet's fury.

According to @jackielabonita, the ladies began ridiculing her after she tried to take pictures of herself. "Watch my confidence disappear after these random girls make fun of me for taking pics," she writes in the video.

The video shows a girl behind the TikToker giggling as she flips off the camera. "Was this necessary?" @jackielabonita asks. The stranger then starts recording her back on her own phone while allegedly saying, "Laaaaame." She then tells her friend next to her about @jackielabonita, and they begin laughing out loud. The TikToker says she felt "super self-conscious" after they talked about her out loud and mocked her. "I wanted to cry," she adds.

@jackielabonita's video began circulating online shortly after the upload, and it's even caught the attention of rapper Cardi B. "I would of put that ring to use," she tweeted, referring to the TikToker's massive ring.

The two "mean girls" have also been doxxed by the internet – but is it possible people are going too far? Some of the audience members seem to think so. "Trying to dox a girl with high school pics because she and her friend made fun of an influencer setting up a tripod to film the public at a baseball game, site is just getting more normal by the minute," @LizRummy says.

@astrosdom adds, "So we just gonna bully each other at a baseball game? Bum f*cking bitches. Can’t stand y’all females fr."

"it’s so funny how the word 'bully' applies indefinitely and without restriction to two girls giggling at an influencer filming them at a baseball game but not to any of the thousands of people tracking down their jobs & addresses with the intent of ruining their lives," tweets @raynefq.

The tea just keeps getting juicier – the alleged bully's ex went on the platform to upload photos of them when they were together. In the comments, he alleged that she cheated on him. These claims, of course, only made things worse for the "mean girl." It's likely they'll have to lay low for a while for their own safety.

While I'm not defending the two girls and their actions, perhaps we shouldn't be so eager to ruin someone's livelihood for flipping off a camera. Sure, we can criticize their actions and their behavior, but is it really that necessary to get them fired, especially in this economy? At the same time, we should all remember to be nicer to each other, regardless of whether or not we're being recorded – I'm sure the girls have learned this by now, albeit the extremely hard way.

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