Mother Who Disagreed With Jeffrey Marsh Is Doxxed, Threatened, And Harassed By Trans Activists: "Please Don't Come For My Kids"

TikToker Shumirun Nessa simply disagreed with trans activist Jeffrey Marsh and ended up being doxxed, threatened, and harassed by the LGBT mob. They even found out where her daughters went to school and made threats against them.

By Gina Florio2 min read
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Trans activism has gone mainstream over the last few years, and Jeffrey Marsh is a TikToker who has gained notoriety and praise for talking about his "non-binary" identity and encouraging kids to go "no-contact" with their parents. He regularly posts videos that are aimed at trans individuals, telling them they are loved and that they deserve better treatment from society. He has 680,000 followers on TikTok and started a Patreon where people pay a monthly fee to watch his exclusive videos. TikToker @therealoverloadcomedy, whose name is Shumirun Nessa, is a mother who has gained more than 7 million followers. She recently posted a stitch with one of Jeffrey's videos to make it clear that she didn't agree with his attempt to lure kids away from their parents. As a result, she was doxxed, harassed, and threatened.

TikToker Shumirun Nessa Disagreed with Jeffrey Marsh and Is Doxxed, Threatened, and Harassed by Trans Activists

There are multiple videos of Jeffrey telling kids that their parents "screwed up" and that they don't understand a trans person's true worth. He starts many videos with addressing minors: "Hey, kids!" He also tells children about how to go "no-contact" with their parents, meaning they completely cut their parents out of their lives and have zero connection with them because they don't understand or accept their trans identity.

This 40-something man is always wearing outrageous makeup and whispering into the camera about how much he loves you. Many people have raised concerns about this guy's motives and why he constantly insists that kids should be separated from their parents.

Shumirun stitched a video with Jeffrey on TikTok and told him to stop telling kids to separate from their parents. It was a simple, short video that gained a lot of likes and comments. Her TikTok was one of many social media posts that raised awareness about Jeffrey's concerning behavior that very much resembled grooming. Soon enough, Jeffrey deleted many of the videos on his page that mentioned children and his Patreon.

But not long after that, Shumirun was bombarded by trans activists and was bullied into taking the video down. She shared another video on her TikTok revealing what people have done to her and tearfully asking them to leave her and her family alone.

"I just got an email saying... they know where I live and what scares me the most is they have got my daughter's details in the email—what time I leave to drop them to school, pick them up, and it's not a coincidence because both of my daughters go to two different schools," Shumirun said in tears. "They've given the school details and everything so my daughters got involved now in this."

She also reveals her car was damaged during this process, and she has been receiving multiple videos and emails with "a lot of details" about her life.

"I"m done, I don't want to talk about Jeffrey Marsh. I deleted everything, removed it," she said, crying. "Please don't come to my house. You guys want me to say I'm sorry, fine I'm sorry. Please don't come at me, don't come to my house... I'm just one person and specifically four or five of you have done stuff... some of you have found old pictures of me and uploaded it on TikTok without my hijab so you guys have done that... My main thing is please don't continue this I'm sorry please don't come for my kids."

It's clear in the video that she is absolutely terrified for her children's safety, and she just wants the threats and harassment to end. She later deleted this video as well and uploaded another TikTok saying that she wants everyone to live in harmony.

One of Jeffrey's latest videos consists of him thanking all the trans allies out there because things are "a little hairy" for him and other trans people. He is very clearly talking about Shumirun and the "allies" that went after her with threats and harassment, but he never says any names. He claims it's "hard to be different," and he thanks everyone who accepts trans people the way they are and sticks up for them. Many people are disturbed at how joyful he seems at the idea that someone could be attacked so heartlessly for simply disagreeing with his ideology and his message to children.