Madison Giving Peter Another Chance Shows She's True To Her Values

By Meghan Dillon
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23-year-old Madison Prewitt instantly became a fan favorite on Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor due to her sweet demeanor. As the season went on, it was hard not to root for her since she was one of the few women on the show focusing on her relationship instead of getting involved in petty drama.

Things took a dramatic turn when she revealed that she was a virgin saving herself for marriage during Fantasy Suite Week. After telling him she would have a difficult time moving forward if he was intimate with other women in the fantasy suite, things went downhill quickly. After Tuesday night’s finale, it is confirmed that Peter and Madison are trying to work things out. Many have criticized for giving Peter another chance, saying it goes against her values, but I think it actually further cements her values.

Madison and Peter’s Situation

The finale spoilers from Reality Steve weren’t entirely accurate, but we now know the full situation after Tuesday night’s finale.

After having a lackluster meeting with Peter’s family, Madison eliminated herself from the show on her final date with him. Even though he was devastated, Peter still went on to propose to the only woman left on the show, Hannah Ann Sluss. Not surprisingly, it didn’t work out between Peter and Hannah Ann due to his unresolved feelings for Madison.

She expressed to Chris that she regretted leaving Peter and that she had had a hard time eating and sleeping since returning home due to her heartbreak.

Host Chris Harrison (aka the Fairy Godfather of Bachelor Nation) took matters into his own hands after the breakup by visiting Madison at her home in Auburn, Alabama. She expressed to Chris that she regretted leaving Peter and that she had had a hard time eating and sleeping since returning home due to her heartbreak. Chris then revealed to Madison that Peter had broken off his engagement to Hannah Ann and still had feelings for her. He flew Madison out to Los Angeles to surprise Peter.

Both Madison and Peter agreed to try to work things out. They didn’t see each other again until Tuesday night’s finale but were in regular contact. On Tuesday’s finale, they revealed that they loved each other and wanted to see where their relationship would go and take it “one step at a time.”

However, there was a giant elephant in the room that nobody expected. Peter’s mom, Barb (the woman in the clip who looks like she’s trying to poison Madison with her eyes), does not approve of his relationship with Madison. It’s clear that they have a lot of obstacles to overcome, but I truly wish both Peter and Madison the best of luck and hope that love will conquer all.

Peter's Mom looks unhappy

Love and Forgiveness

There have been plenty of criticisms of Madison that she isn’t standing true to her Christian values by giving Peter another chance. I wholeheartedly disagree. If anything, Madison giving Peter another chance further cements her values. Christian values are all about forgiveness, spreading kindness, loving each other, and seeing the best in one another. Madison is a perfect example of living up to every single one of these values.

She loves Peter so much that she is willing to forgive him and see where the relationship goes. She sees the best in him when others around her are telling her to run away from him. She’s listening to her heart to find out what’s best for her heart.

It’s also important to note how calm and classy she was when Barb insulted her character on live television. She handled herself with more class or grace in that situation by staying calm and standing up for herself. We should all aspire to be as graceful and kind as Madison was in that uncomfortable situation.

Closing Thoughts

Madison is the perfect example of a strong young woman standing true to her values, and I think we can all learn a thing or two from her. It’s rare to see a young woman on reality television stay true to her values, and we should all give her kudos for it.

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