Madison Beer Roasts Fan After He Told Her She Was "Getting Fatter": "I Wouldn't Touch You With A Ten Foot Pole"

Madison Beer clapped back at a male fan who told her she was "getting fatter" – then he reacted by victimizing himself.

By Nicole Dominique3 min read
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Madison Beer's rise to fame began in 2012 when Justin Bieber posted her amazing cover of "At Last" by Etta James. After signing with Island Records, Bieber appeared in Beer's music video "Melodies," stating that she was going to be a "star." The "Baby" singer was correct in his predictions. Beer's 2021 album, Life Support, debuted at 65 on U.S. Billboard 200 and ranked in the top 30 on the OCC UK and Canadian Albums charts. Today, Beer has 37 million followers on Instagram and 18.6 million on TikTok.

Beer isn't just known for her amazing voice, she's also popular for her beauty and alluring image. Unfortunately, even women like Beer get attacked for their appearance. Recently, a "fan" on Instagram (@hamzakwj) commented on the "Selfish" singer's picture. "hey madison i've noticed that ur legs and arms are getting fatter..," he wrote. "please do some cardio because we men only like skinny girls. ur face is already perfect, but please we love a thin waisted girl." Yeah, totally uncalled for.

It seems even Beer was taken aback by @hamzakwj's unnecessary remarks, so she fought back. "i wouldn't touch you with a ten foot pole if you paid me a million dollars," she commented.

Screenshots show that the fan did not handle this comment well at all. According to Twitter users, @hamzakwj took to his IG Story to vent and say that Beer broke his heart. "hey madison maybe you should know that im already depressed," he said. "i am bipolar, and im extremely depressed and my biggest crush saying this to me has broke my heart. i always supported u even tho ur songs arent that good." I guess he can't help himself with the out-of-pocket statements.

He continued, "i thought u were a good human being. u cant just say this to ur fans. thats for making me more sad, madison. thank a lot."

Sadly, he didn't stop there. Another screenshot showed @hamzakwj putting up his middle finger with the caption, "so apparently if u tell a women to do some cardio cause u dont want her to be fat ur mysonistgic." He continues, "i told that madison her is pretty cause she is. well i want my girlfriend to be skinny. i dont want my girlfriend to look like freaking lizzo. not that madison is that fat, but she has gained weight and we men don't like that! i shouldn't even Have to explain myself but u bunch of snowflakes really need it i guess!"

I'm unsure in what order these posts were uploaded, but @hamzakwj also backtracked on his comments. In another screenshot, he apologized to Beer, saying she was "perfect" and that she was his crush. He added that her fanbase is now harassing him and telling him that he should kill himself, which is terrible and wrong. He definitely should have kept his mouth shut, but I don't think his actions warrant death threats. "i think that i deserve a little shit back," he admitted, "but nobody needs 100 dms to say i should kms as im already strugglin with mental health. also i heard from other people that u struggle with Ed. i did not know that, so i also wanna apologize for that..." He concludes that he would never disrespect Beer or "any woman ever again." Guess he learned his lesson the hard way.

Beer has received negative comments about her body since she was a minor. This year, the 24-year-old opened up about her struggles with body dysmorphia, which she attributes to the bullying she faced when she was young. "I grew up pretty happy," she told Today. "I thought I had a nice body. But hearing endless comments about how I don't, it was really, really hurtful to me when I was so young."

She also revealed that she had been restricting her caloric intake and mentioned coming across a comment saying, "Someone needs to tell her to stop eating and put the fork down." Beer added, "I'm getting to a place where I'm feeling more confident, but it does suck, and it is really hurtful when people have no idea what you're going through behind closed doors."

It's hard to believe that even an iconic beauty like Beer gets harsh comments on her figure. This shows that no matter how stunning or thin someone appears, people will always be ready to pick apart women's looks. Social media is a major culprit in exacerbating this problem, and so is porn. Many social media users have grown accustomed to treating others online like they're not human, spewing vitriol they'd never dare say to someone's face. Then, there are men who critique women's bodies because they don't fit their porn-inspired version of beauty. In this day and age, it's crucial we remind everyone that the internet is not real and that the most broken people often use it to project their deepest insecurities onto others – especially women.

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