Maddie Ziegler Gushes About Why She And Her Boyfriend "Look Up To" Hailey And Justin Bieber As A Couple

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She initially rose to fame from being featured on "Dance Moms," but 19-year-old Maggie Ziegler has had no problem maintaining her fame long after she left the reality TV show.

She spent years dancing for Sia and has since gotten into the world of acting, and now Maggie is reflecting on what has transpired in her life over the last several years. She opened up to Cosmopolitan about what it's like to live with fame from such a young age and go through puberty in the limelight.

"I literally hit puberty in front of everyone on TV, and that’s a super-weird thing," she admitted. When she was developing breasts and watching her body change, she was criticized for gaining weight and "getting fat." But Maggie has learned to push aside this kind of commentary. She spoke about the importance of having a role model that you look up to, and that's when Hailey Bieber's name came up.

Maddie Ziegler Gushes About Why She and Her Boyfriend "Look Up to" Hailey and Justin Bieber

Hailey and Justin Bieber got married at a fairly young age, especially by Hollywood standards, and there's a lot about Hailey's way of handling fame that Maggie appreciates.

"I really, really respect Hailey for the video she made telling people to leave her alone," Maggie said. "She is such a nice person and so intelligent and so sweet and beautiful. Sometimes when you respond to things, it adds to the fire, so it’s scary doing that."

She's referring to the TikTok that Hailey made asking people to "leave me alone" after a video went viral that predicted she and Justin were about to break up. It was also around this time when she was getting compared to Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber fans were expressing their disappointment that he married Hailey rather than Selena.

Maggie's boyfriend Eddie Benjamin is currently opening for Justin on his tour, so they've been able to spend some time with Justin and Hailey. "They’ve been so nice to Eddie and me," she said. "We look up to them as a couple—they’re so amazing and so in love." She also loves that they never try to appear like the perfect couple.

"It’s really refreshing to see that they have that love but that things can be up and down," she continued. "It’s cool that they talk about it publicly. It’s not relatable to never have a problem."

When you go through a lot of life changes in the public eye, it's important to have role models who can help guide you through the challenges. "We’re going to slip up. We’re going to make mistakes, but that’s normal," Maggie said.

For now, Maggie is continuing to focus on her acting career. She feels like "such a newbie," but she's enjoying the process of booking new roles and playing different characters. Her next role will be alongside Schitt's Creek's Emily Hampshire in a movie called Bloody Hell.

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