Lizzo Shares An Explicit Video Of Herself Boarding A Private Jet In Thong Leggings To Promote Her New Shapewear Line

By Gina Florio··  2 min read
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Singer Lizzo has always been an outspoken body positive activist. The more she rose to fame, the more often she has shared messages about self-confidence and self-love.

But Lizzo seems to have trouble distinguishing between self-confidence and unnecessarily explicit content. She has spoken before about how she considers herself to have a "really hot body" and to be a "body icon," and this has often resulted in her posting photos or videos of her naked body in which she is twerking in front of the camera while spouting messages of self-love. She posted another explicit video yesterday in an attempt to promote her new shapewear line.

Lizzo Boards a Plane Wearing Thong Leggings That Expose Her Bare Butt

Lizzo posted a video on her Instagram yesterday of herself getting out of a car and boarding a private jet, and as she turned her back to the camera, she revealed a pretty shocking outfit. She was wearing thong leggings from her new shapewear line called Yitty, which exposed her entire butt for the world to see. She paired this garment with a bra, which is also from her line Yitty.

It's clear that Lizzo's purpose with this explicit video is to strut her new shapewear and send the message to the world that she has no problem exposing her body, even if it's in a public setting.

The video is gratuitous and inappropriate, no matter how many celebrities and media publications praise her for being "confident." Regardless of what her size is, this is the kind of outfit that belongs in the privacy of your home. Of course, this is nothing new for Lizzo, as she routinely posts half-naked videos (and sometimes fully naked photos) of herself for the world to see. She frames all of this explicit content as body positive, but in reality, it's just unnecessary and tasteless.

Even some of the comments on her Instagram page called her out for her nudity. One person wrote, "I love Lizzo but ladies this is a problem. We keep lying to one another and it’s not helpful! This is ridiculous frinnn!!!! Go put some clothes on beloved!!!"

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