Lizzo Is Releasing A New Shapewear Line For Fabletics Called Yitty And The Goal Is To "Redefine Your Beauty Standard"

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Lizzo has been a longtime proponent of the body positivity movement that has been sweeping our culture. She makes it very clear in her songs, interviews, and social media that she is doing her best to uproot beauty standards.

Lizzo rose to fame with her catchy music and her outspoken views on body image in Hollywood and general American culture. She has declared herself a body icon, posted nude photos of herself online, and insisted that being obese doesn't mean you're unhealthy. She's back with a new project – she's launching a brand new shapewear line for Fabletics.

Lizzo's New Shapewear Line Is Called Yitty

She hinted on her Instagram that this announcement was around the corner about a week ago. "I can’t be stopped. This is my season," she wrote in the caption. "I’m about to be everywhere and I’m about to announce the biggest thing YET. Bigger than anything I’ve ever done. 3 years in the making. A Dream Come True. Stay tuned b*tch."

Lizzo opened up to the New York Times about her new business venture.

"I'm selling a mentality that 'I can do what I want with my body, wear what I want and feel good while doing it,'" she said. She promised that Yitty will "give everyone the opportunity to speak for themselves when it comes to how their body should look and how they feel in their body."

In the caption of her announcement post on Instagram, she said that Yitty "isn’t just shapewear, it’s your chance to reclaim your body and redefine your beauty standard."

While there's nothing wrong with creating shapewear for women of all sizes, there's still a major part of Lizzo's brand that is hard to get on board with: her celebration and glorification of obesity as if it's something to be proud of. Being overweight doesn't make you less worthy, but it certainly isn't something you should parade around as a badge of honor, especially considering that obesity is the number one predictor of all the leading causes of death in the U.S., including heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and many cancers.

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