Lindsay Lohan Reviews Her Old Red Carpet Looks And Reveals Which "Parent Trap" Twin She Wanted To Be More Like

Lindsay Lohan has been out of the spotlight for a while and has hardly starred in any movies recently. She's about to make a comeback with a Christmas movie being released later this year on Netflix.

By Gina Florio1 min read
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One of Lindsay's most popular roles that she ever played was in The Parent Trap, in which she played both Hallie and Annie, long-lost twin sisters who found themselves at the same summer camp and decide to embark on a mission to reunite their divorced parents. Lindsay was only 11 years old when she played the roles of the twins, and in a recent interview with Vogue, she revealed which one of the twins she favored.

Lindsay Lohan Reviews Her Old Red Carpet Outfits and Reveals Who Her Favorite Parent Trap Twin Is

Lindsay sits down in front of a book to relive her most iconic style moments in the past. The first one she turns to is her blue spaghetti strap dress that she donned at the 1998 premiere of The Parent Trap, which was her first feature film.

"This is Nicole Miller, this dress," Lindsay recalled. "And what shoes do I have on here?"

"My mom still has this dress. She kept it for me," she continued. "It's still at home. I'm so young and fresh and ready for a premiere."

"I remember I wanted to be more like Annie because she was more preppy and reserved and she just had a classier twist to her that I really loved," Lindsay said. "Hallie was too American for me 'cause I was too used to that. But Annie was my favorite. I always wanted to be Annie."

Lindsay also shared memories of the vintage Versace gown that she wore to the Vanity Fair Oscars party in 2006. “They stitched the dress onto me, because it was so delicate and dainty,” Lindsay said. “I loved the Old Hollywood glamour.”

She even reviewed some of her favorite looks that she wore in her movies. “I was really rocking the Avril Lavigne vibe, because that was my character, and I really took it into my daily life,” she said. Hence the chunky highlights and baggy jeans in the 2003 movie Freaky Friday.

You can catch Lindsay in Falling for Christmas on Netflix later this year. “I had so much fun doing this, because I had a newfound appreciation for it after not filming for so long,” she shared. “I was really excited to be there. We filmed it in five and a half weeks. You can make movies so fast now!”