Limited Too Is Officially Making A Comeback This Summer—Here's Everything We Know

If you were lucky enough to experience the early 2000s as a tween, you probably remember the excitement of shopping at Limited Too. Known for its glitter, neon colors, animal prints, and sparkly accessories, LT2 was the epitome of elementary school cool. And now the beloved brand just confirmed a relaunch this summer.

By Carmen Schober1 min read

Limited Too was a staple for tween girls from 2000 to 2008 and peaked with 600 stores across the country. Sadly, sales eventually started to decline with some attributing it to too small of a consumer base while others claimed it was because of the high price point since trendy clothes for preteen girls can only be worn for a limited time.

While the brand certainly wasn't perfect, there has been a sharp decline in exclusive options for tweens in recent years and a steady demand for nostalgia, which could be the reason for its resurgence.

The Big Comeback

Mark your calendars for July 12 because that's when Limited Too is officially relaunching. (And if you can't wait that long, you can see a sneak peek of their first drop here.)

The brand aims to create a "generational bridge," allowing parents who once cherished the brand to introduce it to their children. The announcement has sparked excitement and nostalgia among millennials who grew up with LT2’s iconic styles.

Limited Too has been teasing its return on Instagram with sneak peeks of hoodies, jeans, and other trendy items. The brand promises a "heritage-inspired collection" that combines past favorites with fresh new designs.

"This is not a drill!" wrote one woman. "Limited Too is seriously coming back!"

Many women are also expressing their hope that the brand will include adult sizes alongside the tween options.

A New Era of Limited Too

"Limited Too isn't just a brand; it’s a living fashion legacy," the company stated. The relaunched collection will embrace the next generation of tweens with confidence and self-expression, honoring the heritage that made Limited Too a household name.

While it's unlikely this summer's launch will include brick-and-mortar stores (at least for now), many are excited to see how Limited Too will enter a new era of online shopping.

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