Kamala Harris And Others Say Men Need To Be More Responsible Now That Roe V. Wade Is Overturned—We Couldn't Agree More

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The whole country has been arguing about abortion over the last few days, ever since SCOTUS overturned Roe v. Wade on Friday. Kamala Harris had a few words to say about the matter.

The 1973 landmark decision granted women federal constitutional protection to abort their babies, but now that Roe v. Wade is overturned, the decision is entirely left up to the states. This has upset a great number of pro-abortion people, and as a result they're demanding certain things from men that actually aren't all that unreasonable.

Kamala Harris and Others Say Men Need To Be More Responsible Now That Roe v. Wade Is Overturned

In a CNN interview, Vice President Kamala Harris had a few words to say about parents who are raising boys. "Everyone has something at risk on this," she said. Then she implied something that most of us have been saying clearly for years.

"First of all, if you are a parent of sons, do think about what this means for the life of your son and what that will mean in terms of the choices he will have," she said.

It sounds like she's implying that young men are going to have to think twice before having sex with a woman and really consider if they're ready to turn their life upside down to become a father. Well, that's a sentiment we can get behind.

The lack of access to abortion shouldn't be the only thing that encourages men to take responsibility for their actions, be thoughtful about who they have sex with, and commit to their girlfriend/wife and baby if they get pregnant. But Harris isn't the only one who is pushing this narrative. There were several other tweets from people who demand that men take responsibility for their baby, as if this demand is far-fetched and unfair and it will make men think twice about overturning Roe v. Wade.

"In States where abortion is illegal the father should be financially on the hook at the moment of conception," Ken Olin tweeted.

It's one of the things where you can't help but laugh because this is something many pro-life people have been advocating for for years. Men should be "on the hook" both financially and emotionally as soon as their girlfriend or wife becomes pregnant. Because from the moment of conception, that baby is just as much as his as it is hers. It seems that many pro-choice people are finally catching up to this notion that pro-life people have been supporting for decades, even if it is accidentally.

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