Joe Jonas Allegedly Pressured Sophie Turner To Attend Press Events After the Birth of Their Second Child

The beloved celebrity couple announced that they're filing for divorce, and many people speculate that Jonas' PR team is mishandling the whole situation, resulting in more people being on Turner's side.

By Gina Florio3 min read
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Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas, a celebrity couple first spotted together in 2016, have recently announced their divorce after four years of marriage and two children. TMZ reports they had "serious problems" for at least six months and that Jonas had been the primary caregiver for their children. Conflicting lifestyles are cited as a significant issue, with Turner allegedly enjoying parties and Jonas preferring to stay at home.

There's speculation that a Ring camera footage led Jonas to conclude the marriage was over. Meanwhile, reports suggest Turner felt "confined" and regretted "missing out" on her youth. Despite these allegations, it's important to note that the sources for these claims are unverified and could be part of Jonas' PR team.

Social media users and pop culture fans are largely siding with Turner, recalling her previous statements about being an introvert and a homebody. They are criticizing Jonas's PR approach and accusing him of running a smear campaign against Turner. Taylor Swift's song "Mr. Perfectly Fine," thought to be about Jonas, is also being invoked to question his sincerity and true personality. Interestingly, a "shut-up ring" theory is circulating, suggesting Jonas gave Turner a ring to delay discussions about marriage. Turner had previously revealed that they had broken up for a day before their wedding, further complicating the narrative.

The couple has issued an "amicable" joint statement, asking for privacy, and debunking speculative narratives. However, the overall sentiment online seems to question Jonas's motives and actions, casting him in an unfavorable light compared to Turner.

Joe Jonas Allegedly Pressured Sophie Turner To Attend Press Events after the Birth of Their Second Child

New reports from TMZ claim that Turner faced difficulties after the birth of her second child, and Jonas was not particularly supportive during this period. According to these insiders, following the birth of their youngest child last July, Turner was reluctant to leave home or attend public events due to her emotional state. Despite her discomfort, she did accompany Jonas to a few events, and was visibly uneasy at one of them.

Soon after, Jonas attended another event alone and was vocal about his wife's absence, suggesting she needed to get out more. This signaled to those present that there was a tension in their relationship. Adding to the complexity, over the past six months, Jonas had shifted his complaint, indicating that Turner was "too into partying," marking a notable change in the dynamics between the two. While sources close to Jonas acknowledge there have been "challenges in the relationship," they maintain that he supported Turner in securing an acting job in London.

Is Joe Jonas Weaponizing His Public Image?

This information adds another layer to the unfolding public narrative of the couple's separation. Initially, Jonas's PR attempts seemed geared toward painting him as the more responsible party, a move that did not sit well with his fan base and potentially damaged his public image. Now, with these new insights into the couple's private struggles, it appears the relationship had been strained for a while, adding more nuance to the public's understanding of the divorce.

This public divorce has been called a case study in public relations gone wrong. Writer Lulu Cheng Meservey explained how this has royally backfired on Jonas. She explained that the typical PR playbook goes like this in the face of divorce. The three phases are 1) show of normality and unity, 2) amicable joint announcement of divorce, and 3) each party vying for public sympathy by controlling the narrative. In this playbook, the winner is the one who gains the most public sympathy and comes out with an undamaged, if not improved, reputation.

Joe Jonas's attempt to control the narrative, however, has had adverse effects. Firstly, he took the offensive route, filing for divorce and then leaking it exclusively to Today, allowing them to shape the story. From there, his team began to leak information that attempted to portray Turner in a negative light, suggesting she might be a neglectful mother or party excessively.

"Within a day, more tea starts being spilled, from 'sources' clearly on Team Joe: Sophie might be a neglectful mom, Sophie might party too much, Sophie did something shady. It’s obvious that Team Joe is trying to show him as the aggrieved party, the good guy," she wrote on X.

The strategy is problematic for several reasons. Offensive strategies work best when the opponent fights back, which Turner has not done. The claims against her were clearly from Jonas's camp, making him look like the aggressor rather than the victim. Secondly, Jonas’s fan base is largely young women who also adore Sophie Turner. "Young women identify with Sophie; they watched her marry an older guy when she was only 23, watched her become a young mother, and pretty much fell in love with her over the past few years," Meservey wrote. It's a miscalculation to think these fans would easily turn on Turner, especially given her strong character portrayal as Sansa Stark, a beloved figure.

Joe Jonas's attempt to control the narrative has had adverse effects.

Finally, the strategy is misaligned with the prevailing sentiments of Jonas's largely female demographic. These fans are more likely to respect women's choices, understand the challenges of motherhood, be wary of power dynamics in relationships, and support women in their careers. Especially in a cultural moment that is more attuned to these issues, the strategy of portraying Turner negatively is not just risky but tone-deaf.

In sum, Jonas’s PR campaign is backfiring, risking damage to his reputation and alienating his fan base. While it's currently a subject of gossip, it has the potential to cause serious damage if not corrected promptly.

"Joe Jonas started dating Sophie Turner when she was 19, marry her at 23, knocked her up at 24. She was just finishing Game Of Thrones, she hardly worked these years and follow him on tours. Like he's giving zero support husband vibe," @basiclegend0 wrote on X.

"Also, no one is saying Sophie was a child bride or that her kids are a mistake. We are saying why is Joe's team trying to make her look bad for working? That's what I mean when I say he sound like he's not a supportive husband," she added.

Hundreds of people agreed in the comments, indicating that Meservey is onto something. This PR campaign may have attempted to paint Jonas in a good light, but Turner is receiving most of the sympathy. Regardless of what actually transpired between the two (and most of us will never know what really happened), this PR campaign doesn't seem to be going so well for Jonas anymore. Even though there are plenty of people online who are criticizing Turner for breaking apart her family, including their two children, most are supportive of her and aren't buying into the narrative sold by Jonas and his team.

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