Jenna Ortega Says Fame Can Be "Really Scary" And Stressful Because People Can Twist Anything You Say To Misrepresent You

20-year-old Jenna Ortega has been acting since she was young, but only recently has she been propelled into stardom. She shares that fame has its downsides, and it can be "really scary" to be in the limelight.

By Gina Florio2 min read
Getty/Dimitrios Kambouris

Her most recent role is in the hit Netflix show "Wednesday," but Jenna Ortega has been acting since she was a child. She played young Jane in The CW series "Jane the Virgin" and she had a role in the Disney show "Stuck in the Middle." Jenna, 20, now has 40 million followers on Instagram and a loyal fan base—and it seems as though her career is just getting started. On March 11, she's hosting Saturday Night Live along with musical guest The 1975. In a recent interview with The Associated Press, she revealed that the fame she has recently gained isn't exactly easy to bear.

Jenna Ortega Says Fame Is "Really Scary" Because People Can Twist Anything You Say

Jenna has been turning heads at the last couple of award ceremonies, wearing show-stopping dresses and mingling with some of the world's most loved celebrities. At the SAG Awards, she presented the award for best male actor in a TV series with Aubrey Plaza. The two generated many laughs as they stood on stage with a straight face, pretending like they have absolutely nothing in common. Jenna's career has grown exponentially in the last year, and she is becoming a household name. But in a recent interview with The Associated Press, she indicated that the increasing fame isn't always a glowing positive.

Jenna said she feels like "there are more opinions" on her life and her career. "I almost feel more pressure," she said. "I feel like more of a public figure than I ever have, and that's really stressful because anything that you say can be twisted this way or suddenly people make assumptions about you or they're oversexualizing you."

She says she kind of feels like she's "thrown to the wolves" sometimes and it can be a very scary thing to navigate.

While there are some comments that mock her for suggesting that her life is difficult, others can understand where she's coming from. After all, as an A-list celebrity, your every word and move are tracked by fans and the press. One wrong thing—or one wrong opinion—can cause a drama you never intended. That's likely why most celebrities hold the same opinions on just about everything, especially when it comes to politics. Even worse, sometimes fame can lead people to exploit you, such as the AI porn that was created in Jenna's image. The image was eventually taken down from Twitter, but it proved Jenna's point: when you're famous, some people will do anything they can to take advantage of your public image.