AI Version Of Jenna Ortega Raises Concerns About "Pornifying" Young Women On Social Media

A Twitter user shared an AI image of actress Jenna Ortega, who plays Wednesday Addams in Netflix's "Wednesday," raising concerns about how quickly young actresses and artists are sexualized and objectified online.

By Gina Florio2 min read
Jenna ortega

There's no shortage of sex in our culture. Everywhere you turn—TV, music videos, books, social media—you see or hear some kind of sexual scenario. Young actresses have faced their fair share of sexualization in the industry, including minors, just like the countdown clock fans created for Millie Bobby Brown before she turned 18 years old. A recent artificial intelligence (AI) image of Jenna Ortega sparked questions about how quickly social media users are to sexualize young women.

AI Version of Jenna Ortega Raises Concerns about "Pornifying" Young Women on Social Media

On Monday, Twitter user @Qurandale shared two AI images of Jenna Ortega with the caption, "I NEED HER." It's difficult at first glance to see that these aren't real images of Jenna. They look exactly like her and there's a realness to the photos that make them so convincing. She's wearing a black long-sleeve, plunging bodysuit, exposing much of her breasts. The tweet gathered 768 likes and 60 retweets before it was removed from the platform because it "violated the Twitter Rules."

Twitter user @postnuclearjoan quote tweeted the images and said, "Making AI soft porn of young women is the terrifying, but expected outcome of pornifying all aspects of our culture, by making porn easily accessible for everyone, including children, and treating porn addiction as something normal and not worthy of concern." Our culture is so accustomed to seeing sex and pornography at every turn, that we've become numb to seeing hypersexualized images of women, even if they're not real. Because we don't bat an eye at seeing women dressed this way and sexualized in this way, people feel emboldened to create these sexual images of famous women.

"I really hope that jenna ortega, billie eilish and any other woman they're doing this to would never have to see these, because i can't even imagine how damaging for your mental health it must be that men are getting off to fake images that transform you into a sex object [sic]," she continued.

One Twitter user wrote, "The fact they are doing this to a girl who is mainstream famous for playing a 15 year old on TV is very telling."

Even though the tweet was taken down, it has garnered much attention and opened the door for the conversation about how common sex is sold to consumers and social media users, and how this opens the doors for young women to be sexualized in such a fantasized way. The obsession with sexualizing young women is only made creepier with the use of AI technology.