The Fact That A Countdown Clock Existed For Millie Bobby Brown's 18th Birthday Should Disturb Us All

"Stranger Things" thrust Millie Bobby Brown into the spotlight at a young age. She was only 12 years old when she played the lead role of Eleven in the hit Netflix series.

By Gina Florio1 min read
Millie Bobby Brown

Millie Bobby Brown just turned 18 years old on February 19, and this milestone birthday was celebrated by many of her fans around the world. But this birthday also unearthed a ton of creepy things about how people were anticipating her entry into adulthood.

There Were Countdown Clocks for Millie Bobby Brown's 18th Birthday

Yes, countdown clocks. Because apparently we live in a sick, sick world. As her 18th birthday approached, people found some online forums that were waiting impatiently for her to legally become an adult so they could "post sexual pictures of her the day she turns 18." One Reddit thread in particular was entirely dedicated to Millie's big day; the description read, "This Subreddit will open when Millie turns 18, which is February 19, 2022."

There were already over 6,000 members in the group. Even more disturbing is the fact that there was an NSFW tag (not suitable for work), indicating that they had very real intentions of saying and posting crude, sexual things about Millie. One user described the group as a "sub solely dedicated to sexual pictures of Millie, who is currently a minor." Tons of Millie's fans reported the sub to Reddit admins, and apparently it has since been taken down.

Millie celebrated her 18th birthday in style, sporting a sequined cutout dress in an Instagram post. Fans can't help but notice that the creeps are already swirling in, posting predatory, sexual comments about her appearance.

Of course, this is not the first time we've seen predators reveal themselves. Many child stars have been subjected to pedophilic comments and being oversexualized in their youth. Stars like Natalie Portman and Matilda star Mara Wilson have spoken about the dark side of becoming a star at a young age. Countdown clocks unfortunately are nothing new, and they indicate a very broken culture that is positively obsessed with sexualizing minors for their own sick pleasures.

Millie hasn't spoken about the effect this kind of perversion has had on her in her youth, but we wouldn't be surprised if she opened up later in her life about the pedophilic attacks she has had to endure during her early rise to fame.