Jameela Jamil Has "Zero Regret" About Aborting Her Baby And Accuses "Authoritarian Regimes" Of Trying To "Control Uteruses"

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"The Good Place" actress Jameela Jamil has always been one of the most insufferably outspoken actresses in Hollywood, and this time she has taken things to the next level.

Abortion is the hot topic this week after a Supreme Court draft opinion was leaked to POLITICO showing that the justices are voting to overturn Roe v. Wade. Justice Alito wrote that Roe v. Wade "was egregiously wrong from the start." Celebrities and politicians alike have been talking about abortion nonstop ever since this draft opinion was leaked, and of course Jameela Jamil has entered the conversation.

Jameela Jamil Has "Zero Regret" About Aborting Her Baby

If there were an award for the Most Annoying Actress, Jamil would win it year after year. She has been in the spotlight for accusing just about anyone of transphobia and recently made a huge announcement of her leave of Twitter because of the so-called "hate, bigotry, and misogyny" that was forthcoming due to Elon Musk's purchase of the platform.

Yesterday, Jamil joined the conversation about abortion by posting a series of photos on her Instagram detailing her opinions on abortion. She wanted to share her "thoughts and rage" with the world.

"Abortion saved my life," she wrote. "It was not hard for me, I live with zero regret, only deep relief and gratitude."

Quite the turn we've made from the "safe, legal, and rare" days. Jamil goes on to say that the "vast vast majority" of women who abort their babies go on to feel "GREAT RELIEF for the REST OF THEIR LIVES." She then says that the "fear mongering around abortion is criminally manipulative and wrong."

It only gets worse from there. The actress then goes on a tirade about how dangerous it is to give birth and how "spectacularly complicated" and "expensive" it is to raise a child. "The healthcare system is broken. There is no free childcare," she continued. "The cost of living is almost unsurvivable for most. Schools are too expensive."

Does that mean that a 6-year-old should be put to death too? After all, little kids need healthcare, education, and childcare too.

"This is not about life," she said. "This is about patriarchy, control, and the first move of all authoritarian regimes is always to control uteruses first: if you don't fight for us now; they're coming for you right after."

At this point it's difficult to believe that this woman is serious. The whole post just ends up sounding like parody. "If my body is needed for your survival, I am the motherf*cking priority," she wrote. "Medical consent to use my organs is needed, even after I'm dead, why should it not be needed while I'm STILL F*CKING ALIVE?!"

What about the consent that's involved in having sex? Perhaps if you don't feel financially or emotionally ready to have a baby (which she cites as a sound reason for having an abortion), you shouldn't be having sex.

But here's the truly hilarious part: "Not all, but most of the people who will become pregnant are women," Jamil said. How can anyone take this woman seriously?

Jamil concludes by saying that "this is a potential death sentence for half the country." How convenient that she ignores the millions of innocent babies who are put to death each year because women simply forgot to use birth control or didn't feel like taking on the responsibility of raising a child.

This kind of twisted thinking is nothing short of sickening. It's 2022 and we live in a civilized society – and yet people are advocating for the mass slaughter of innocent babies.

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