Is Taylor Swift Bisexual? This TikToker Has A Wild Conspiracy Theory About "Gaylor"

Taylor Swift has made headlines again after releasing her new album, "Midnights." But we really have to talk about the theories surrounding her, Dianna Agron, and Karlie Kloss.

By Nicole Dominique4 min read
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Since the Tumblr era, people have been speculating that T-Swift might be bisexual, labeling this strange, but oddly convincing theory "Gaylor". There's a whole section on the internet where fans and critics alike have become consumed by every little detail that Taylor Swift puts out into the universe that supposedly provides hints one way or another about her sexuality. According to Jezebel, "The Swifties who subscribe to it are of course called Gaylors (even if a Gaylor’s belief skews lesbian or pansexual), while those who chain themselves to the altar of Swift’s heterosexuality are called Hetlors."

Well, here we are over a decade since this "conspiracy theory" began, and the rumors are still alive and well. Patty, a popular TikTok influencer who posts about all things pop-culture, currently boasts 2.5 million followers on the platform. He recently shared one of the “craziest conspiracy theoriesabout Taylor. According to the content creator, one of the biggest theories about Taylor is that she’s allegedly had “two very famous girlfriends.” Let’s take a look at what Patty (and some Swift fans) are saying about Taylor’s rumored past lovers.

Karlie Kloss

Taylor Swift’s old bestie was none other than Victoria’s Secret bombshell, Karlie Kloss. It all started when Taylor said, “I love Karlie Kloss! I want to bake cookies with her!” in a 2012 issue of Vogue. Karlie then smoothly tweeted at Taylor: “Hey @taylorswift love the @voguemagazine cover! Your kitchen or mine? :)”

The two seemingly became best pals not too long after this interaction, and they looked almost inseparable. Their fans even nicknamed the duo "Kaylor." From then on, the pair seemed to always be in the same place – from photoshoots to interviews, games, and even California's Big Sur. They were so tight-knit that Karlie supposedly even had her own room at Taylor’s house. Their closeness was also evident in their photos. You can find old photographs of the two holding hands and Karlie kissing Taylor on the cheek, as well as pics of their names written romantically in the sand (complete with hearts, of course)! But these pictures paled in comparison to this blurry footage that might've captured them kissing during a concert in 2014.

Were Taylor Swift’s Songs About Karlie? 

Their relationship is supposedly even hinted at in some of T-Swift’s songs. Taylor talks about her song “Welcome To New York” and says that her inspiration for it was “found in that city” that’s "hard to compare to any other force of inspiration” that she’s ever experienced in her life. “It’s like an electric city,” she adds. Taylor and Karlie were known to spend their days together at the Big Apple. And, in the lyrics of the song, Taylor wrote: “Took our broken hearts, put them in a drawer / Everybody here was someone else before / And you can want who you want / Boys and boys and girls and girls.

They Lived Pretty Close to Each Other 

In New York, Taylor’s house was located on Cornelia Street. And less than a mile away from her house was – you guessed it – Karlie's. In Taylor’s song “Cruel Summer,” she talks about not wanting to keep secrets just to "keep someone" and having to "sneak in through a garden gate." Karlie, unsurprisingly, has a gate that leads through a garden to her house.

Fans Think Karlie Dissed Tay

Taylor and Karlie’s rumored relationship eventually fizzled out in 2018 when fans noticed Karlie’s lack of support for Taylor’s release of “Look What You Made Me Do.” "That same year, Karlie came out with a video of her dribbling a basketball for Love magazine. On Instagram, she captioned it, “Swish, Swish” (which is the title to Katy Perry’s rumored diss song to Taylor). Karlie later changed the caption. There's also Taylor’s song, "It's Time To Go," and people believe the following lyrics are about Karlie: “When the words of a sister come back in whispers / That prove she was not / In fact what she seemed / Not a twin from your dreams / She's a crook who was caught.”

Even A-lister, Jennifer Lawrence, publicly inquired about their relationship during a promo tour, prompting fans to dive even deeper into uncovering the 'Gaylor' wild fan theory.

Before Karlie, There Was Dianna Agron

Now that you know a little bit about Kaylor, let's talk about Dianna Agron. She's known for playing the role of the head cheerleader Quinn Fabray in Glee. People started questioning her sexuality in 2011 when she wore a shirt that said “Likes Girls” on it while “Born This Way” played during their live tour in Toronto. However, Dianna explained that she wasn’t a lesbian but that if she was, she’d hoped that people would be accepting. 

The rumors about Dianna and Taylor began when the Glee star tweeted, “Playing dress-up, baking cookies, posting pictures on Twitter, dancing in the kitchen, kissing this cat. @DATEME.” Along with the tweet, Dianna posts a picture of herself kissing Taylor’s cat. In 2013, Taylor has also tweeted in the past that she has an “inside source” at Glee.

In Taylor Swift’s song “Holy Ground,” a song about love that she considers holy, she sings: “I left a note on the door with a joke we’d made / And that was the first day.” Dianna then posted an image of a door on Twitter that Taylor apparently wrote a joke on one day at a party. But in 2013, when Taylor met Karlie, their relationship seemed to come to an end.

In addition, fans speculate that Taylor's song "Wonderland" (2014) is about Dianna. She writes: “Didn’t you flash your green eyes at me / Haven’t you heard what becomes of curious minds / So we went on our way / Too in love to think straight.” Too in love to think straight? Interesting. Plus, Dianna has green eyes, and Alice in Wonderland is apparently one of her favorite movies. And in 2017, fans noticed that Dianna was in the process of getting her Alice in Wonderland tattoo removed.

Kaylor Might've Broken Dianna’s Heart 

Now let’s discuss Dianna’s reactions to Karlie and Taylor. On February 13, 2015, Vogue released the famous photo shoot of Karlie and Taylor. One day later, Dianna tweets: "143. Remember those days?” with a photo of her Bitmoji pulling her heart out of her chest. Ouch! If you ask me, that kind of reaction makes sense when you see your ex with a new person, but not so much for an ex-friend. Luckily, it seems Dianna has moved on from the alleged heartbreak.

Closing Thoughts

If Taylor was in a relationship with these two, it makes sense as to why we don't know how their relationships ended (it appears as though her PR team wants her to maintain a certain image). Nevertheless, Taylor is now with Joey Alwyn, and Karlie Kloss is married with a baby. Dianna is apparently single, but she seems happy! Now, there’s one last thing I'd like to add that could possibly tie in all these theories together: In Taylor Swift’s music video for “You Need To Calm Down," she wears her hair in the following colors: pink, purple, and blue – the same colors in the bisexual flag. What do you think? Is there any truth behind this wild fan theory about 'Gaylor'?

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